1. Household Water Tastes Bad

Everybody should know how clean water tastes. If it doesn’t taste great, then the water has gained substances such as dirt, pesticide, and magnesium. Some contaminants will drastically alter the taste, increasing the chlorine or metal flavour often experienced from tap water.

2. Water Smells Bad

Pure, clean water has no scent; it’s odourless. The source of any smell may already be in the water supply, or it can come from the plumbing. Contaminants can smell like sulfur, chlorine, or even pesticide. Installing a whole house machine will remove these smells from the water across the entire property.  If your water has a smell – filter it!

3. Water Isn’t Clear

Water from the tap should be clean. Is there see anything floating in the water? Is there a slight tinge to the colour?  Any amount of discolouration to the water or finding things floating around are the visible contaminants. However, with many tens of potential water contaminants, it’s important to note that most of them cannot be seen.

What Contaminants Does a inline Whole House Water Filtration System Remove?

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4. Stained Clothes After Wash

When we buy such appliances as a dishwasher or washing machine, we will purchase them to do their job. If these appliances aren’t cleaning things as they should, they have what’s called hard water.  Hard water is where the water supply has a higher concentration of magnesium salts and calcium within it. Water should have no more than 200mg of these substances per litre. Are the clothes coming out with stains on them? Does the dishwasher keep leaving soap scum on the plates?  By using water softening, the service life of your appliances will improve, filter out the hardness of your water with a whole house system.

5. Limescale in Your Fixtures

Hard water can also cause limescale. Limescale will give the image of a crusty, white substance building up around certain areas around the house, places such as taps, sinks, or bathtubs. Installing a Whole House system to soften water to a property will eradicate contaminations and reduce the risk of limescale. Water softener filters are usually quite costly, but we include one for free with all Elite Series 5 units.

6. You’re Getting Sick

Regularly falling ill could be due to an inadequate water source. Symptoms could be coming down with a cold, having the flu, or feeling nauseous.  Remove harmful contaminants such as fluoride and bacteria from your water with a filter. Water-related diseases are responsible for 80% of the words illnesses! We shouldn’t let our water supply be the cause of our family’s illness. Install a Whole of House water filter today and make your tap water taste, smell and perform like bottled mineral water.
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7. Shower Leaves You Dry

As we get out of the shower, we should not feel dry afterwards. The water source is supposed to hydrate our skin. If this occurs, it will be due to the water supply.  Contaminants such as chlorine and hardness materials dry out the skin. This situation isn’t solely an outcome of a shower. We may find that our hands are becoming dry from washing the dishes, for instance. Dry skin can lead to some severe skin conditions which may be tough to heal. A filtration system that replaces the alkaline and minerals in our water will stop the body from drying out.

8. Plumbing Plays Up

Plumbing within a household can fail due to water contaminants. If the plumbing is regularly failing, then that will be a sign of tainted water.  Some contaminants eat away at the actual piping installed in our homes. Corrosion can cause pipes to burst, leaving us with a leak. If left unchecked, leaky plumbing can be expensive to rectify. Certain contaminants can also cause blockages within the plumbing. Using a whole house water filter will keep your pipes clean and healthy.

9. Poor Water Quality Report

Every homeowner has access to a water quality report from the city. A water report is a government-run scheme to inform each house of their water supply conditions.  These reports will state such information as your pH level and the alkalinity of the water supply. The fault will be in each area’s local reservoirs, damns and rivers, but it doesn’t have to be in your home.

Clean water is healthy water.

Now you know what to look out for when deciding if a whole house water filtration system is required. Learn more about the system itself.