Our Full Range of Water Filter Systems

complete wellenes system

Town Water?

Without treatment, this municipal water supply contains chemicals that can have an adverse affect upon your health.

If your water comes from the popular town water dams, then we suggest our Alkaline Water Filter, or Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, or Whole House Water Filter.

Tank Water?

Another popular source of water in rainwater tanks, which allows the collection of natural rainfall. When consuming this type of water supply, you risk the contamination of bacteria and parasites which has not been filtered out.

If you have sourced your drinking water from water tanks, then our Alkaline Filter, or Whole House Water Filter will be most beneficial to you.

Bore Water?

Instead, some areas may choose to source their water through water bores. This underground water requires softening and purification before drinking.

If you drink underground bore water, then opt for our RO Water Filter or Whole House Water Filter to ensure you are drinking clean, healthy water.

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Great Water Filters Australia's One Stop Shop

Great Water Filters Australia has been serving its valuable clients for the past 30 years. We primarily focus on availing new gen-technology for improved convenience.

Our expertise is in being a “One Stop Water Solution” for all essential water filter products. Aiming to provide Australia’s best water filter range.

We also have a 100% no risk guarantee and 10 year support package with all of our filters, giving you complete peace of mind.

Water Filters
Water Filter

Our water filters include and Alkaline Water Filter, RO Water Filter, Whole House Water Filter and a Water Softener.

Enhanced Appliances include an Undersink Water Chiller, Countertop Water Systems and Chilled, Instant Boiling & Sparkling Water Systems.

Purchases of any water filter includes a 100% Free Installation – including guidance on the most suitable system for your needs

Compare Most Popular Water Filters

Elite Series 1 > Basic Under Sink Water Filter (Removes General Contaminants)

Water Filter System
Elite Series 1 - Read More

Basic Water Filter System

Our basic water filter removes impurities such as dirt, rust and mud, chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides are also eradicated, in addition to the removal of metals and bacteria.

A water filter improves the taste, odour and hardness of the water coming out of your taps, supplying you with bacteria-free drinking water.

Basic Water Filtration
Free Water Filter Installation

Removes Basic Contaminants In Drinking Water


• Installed Neatly Under Your Sink

• Simple Quick Change Cartridges

• Smart Pressure Gauge

$395 Fully Installed

Want Alkaline and minerals added to your filtered water?

Consider the Elite Series 2

Elite Series 2 > Super Filtered Water Filter (Adds Alkaline & Minerals)

Water Filters Melbourne
Elite Series 2 - Read More

Super Filtered + Alkaline + Minerals

Looking for the best quality drinking water? Consider installing an alkaline water filter at your home or office.

Research has proved alkaline water can actually be better in quality than bottled mineral water.

What does an alkaline water filter actually do?

Sometimes referred to as an ionized water filter, essentially creates a chemical change. In layman’s terms, the filter separates into two types: alkaline and acidic water.

Whilst alkaline water has many health benefits, acidic is potentially harmful to humans – our filters change the pH level of the drinking water coming out of your taps.

Alkaline & Minerals

Need to remove 99.9% of contaminants?

Look at the Elite Series 3
Free Water Filter Installation

Removes 5 times more contaminants than our basic water filter


• Puts Healthy Minerals Back In!

• Creates Perfectly Balanced pH9

• Simple Quick Change Cartridges

• Smart Pressure Gauge

$795 Fully Installed

Elite Series 2

Elite Series 3 > Highly Purified Reverse Osmosis (Fluoride Removal, Adds Alkaline & Minerals)

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Elite Series 3 - Read More

Highly Purified Reverse Osmosis

Our Reverse Osmosis, Elite Series 3 is designed to remove almost all contaminants including dissolved solids, salts, nitrates, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, metals, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and algae.

With all Elite Series 3 purchases, we install a re-mineraliser to add Alkaline back into the system – making the water an ideal PH9.

Reverse Osmosis

Need to filter your whole house?

Learn about Our Whole House Systems
Free Water Filter Installation

Removes 99.9% contaminants


• Puts Healthy Minerals Back In!

• Creates Perfectly Balanced pH9

• Guaranteed Fluoride Removal

• Simple Quick Change Cartridges

• Smart Pressure Gauge

$995 Fully Installed

Elite Series 3 - RO

Elite Series 5 : Filtered Whole Of House (Alkaline & Minerals Plus Water Softening)

complete wellenes system
Whole House - Read More

Whole of House Water Filtration

Don’t let raw tap water ruin your home. Enjoy clean water through every tap with our Whole of House Water Filter.

An anti-scalent system designed to prolong the life of your appliances and offers protection by removing general contaminants and chlorine from shower, bath and drinking water.

Comes with a 3 stage filtration process and removes particles as small as 1 micron!

See Whole House Specs
Free Water Filter Installation

Enjoy filtered water through every tap in your home

• Smart Bypass Valves
• Stainless Steel Cover
• Controlled Pressure Gauge

$2695 Fully Installed

Whole House System

Explore Our Chilled, Boiling & Sparkling Range

Endless supply of cold and purified water through our Chilled Water System Australia. No hassle of buying, lifting and storing heavy bottles all the time.

Get boiling water, straight from your tap through our. Now there’s no more need of waiting for water to boil. It’s perfect for the baby formulas.

Get Chilled and Sparkling Water Maker with Billi’s underbench units and Dual Levered Slimline Dispenser as well.

Chilled, Boiling & Sparkling
chilled, boiling, sparkling

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