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Experience the ultimate in home water filtration with our comprehensive whole house system, harnessing earth and volcanic minerals to replicate natural spring purity. Enhanced with Auto Backwash protector and Vortex Water Softener for continuous, worry-free operation, promoting wellness throughout your home.

2 year product warranty

✅ Suitable for Town & Tank Water

✅ One of a Kind Patented Design, Engineered In Australia

✅ Micro Filtration up to 1 micron

✅ + Wellness Revitalisation

✅ + SuperVortexWaterConditioner

✅ + Auto DigitalBackwashProtector

Cartridge Replacements $395 / Year

Our Water Filter Installation & Support Process



Vortex Water Softener $500 Value

Our water sources come from rivers, lakes, wells and oceans; it always contains dissolved and suspended solids. Our Vortex Water Softener prevents mineral build-up without electricity, heat and chemicals and an effective method for preventing or drastically reducing the formation of scale or corrosion.

No electricity No heat No resins No backwashing No salts No maintenance


Revitalise your health & home with pure, filtered water through every tap.

How It Works

Stage 1

The state-of-the-art digital auto backwash filter serves as the primary defense in your entire home water system. It extends the lifespan of water filter systems, protects other household appliances from blockages, and prevents pipes from clogging.

Stage 2

Our premium cellulose filter refines your water to a 10-micron level, effectively capturing fine dirt particles that is missed in Stage 1’s auto digital pre-filtering.

Stage 3

How does Silver Impregnation inhibit the growth of bacteria in a carbon filter?

Contrary to popular belief, carbon does not filter out bacteria. Whilst carbon effectively removes odours and taste issues from water, carbon ash is actually a source of nourishment for bacteria, making wet carbon filters a breeding ground for microbial contamination.

Silver Impregnated Carbon, on the other hand, is bacteriostatic – meaning that it is proven to inhibit the growth of carbon-fed bacteria within the filter to prevent bio-fouling and prolong the life of a cartridge – even while it is not being used! Bacteriostatic Silver Impregnated Carbon filters are therefore the most healthy logical choice.

Stage 4

Our flagship filtration system boasts a distinctive three-stage design highlighted by an Anti-Bacteria Shield enhanced with Silver Impregnation. Crafted not only to cleanse your water but also to invigorate it, this cutting-edge technology sets Great Water apart.

Unlike 95% of competitors relying solely on carbon filters, our system provides unrivaled protection with its Silver impregnation technology. Rest assured, your Great Water filter guarantees a bacteria-free experience!

What’s Inside?

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Extraordinary rejuvenation process of volcanic rock

Embark on a journey of water re-energization! The essence of a natural volcanic spring right in your home. Enriched with a carefully curated blend of minerals and rocks, it breathes new life into your water, ensuring a revitalizing experience around the home.

Stage 5

The vortex softener – transitioning from calcite to aragonite, revolutionizes whole house water filtration. Through a dynamic vortex process, it converts calcite deposits into aragonite, a more stable form of calcium carbonate. This transformation not only prevents limescale buildup in pipes and appliances but also enhances water quality by reducing hardness.

As a result, your entire home benefits from improved water flow, reduced maintenance, and longer-lasting appliances. With the vortex descaler’s innovative technology, enjoy cleaner, healthier water throughout your household.

Engineered by Australians, for Australia

With more than three decades expertise, we’ve developed a comprehensive whole-house filtration system tailored specifically for Australians. Engineered and designed locally, to withstand the unique conditions of the Australian environment.

Pure Water Around the Home


patented technology

Engineered in Australia

World’s most advanced whole house filter system, designed and developed in Australia for Australians.

Built-in Pressure Gauges

Built-in Pressure Gauges

Built-in smart gauges let you know if your filters are being blocked and eliminate the risk of bursting

elite series 5 whole house water filter

Built to Last

The filter is enclosed in a weatherproof stainless steel cover. Rust & UV Resistant and solid construction, shielding your unit from
the elements

Stainless steel bypass valves

Smart Design | Built-in Bypass

Stainless steel bypass valves allow water to divert easily and continue water flow to your home without interruption

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Recent Customer Installations

What Does it Filter?

Industrial grade filtration removes almost all traces of Lead, Chlorine, Pesticides, Salmonella, Hepatitis, A and Bacteria E.coli


Dimensions Material In / Out Port Operating Temp. Operating Pressure Cartridge Life

70cm x 25cm x 60cm
Outer Casing – Stainless Steel 304
3/4 inch
4-38 ºC
310KPa – 590KPa (44-85 psi)
12 Months


Our Whole House Water Filter System is Recommended for

Town Tap Water
Town / Tap Water Improve the quality of your water, making it safer and healthier to drink. Without treatment, town water supply contains chemicals that can have an adverse affect upon your health.
Tank Water
Tank Water Another popular source, with the collection of natural rainfall in rainwater tanks. When consuming this type of water supply, you risk the contamination of bacteria and parasites which has not been filtered out.
Bore Water
Bore Water Instead, some areas may choose to source their water through water bores. This underground water requires softening and purification before drinking.

For households of all sizes: Small • Medium • Large As seen on Channel 10

healthy home Australia

Watch Walt having the Elite Series 5, our beautiful engineered whole house water filter system, installed at the farm he’s renovating on Channel 10’s Healthy Homes Australia.

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