Do you know the negative health effects of dehydration? Something as simple as not drinking enough during your day can lead to a range of undesirable signs and symptoms. 

The press reports that up to 75% of people are chronically dehydrated! While science doesn’t quite support that (instead, it indicates approximately 17 to 28% of older adults), it does contribute to health conditions, morbidity, and land people in hospital

Chances are, most of us don’t drink enough in a day. Some can get away with it without really noticing any bad effects. But for others, dehydration can kickstart or accelerate some serious negative health effects and conditions. 

Here’s what can happen if you aren’t drinking enough clean, pure water during your day. 

Mild Dehydration Symptoms 

Many people go through life being mildly dehydrated. The body gets used to it, and soon we don’t notice the effects any more! 

The common health symptoms of mild dehydration include a fuzzy headache and dizziness or lightheadedness when you stand up from sitting or lying down. Both common feelings on any given day! 

These don’t necessarily cause bigger problems for most of us, but they can be a starting point for worse feelings and conditions. But even apart from that, they bring pain and discomfort, and who wants to live with that every day? 

Moderate Dehydration Symptoms 

Moderate dehydration isn’t usually a daily thing. But it can occur if you increase your daily exercise or activity without increasing your water intake. 

Symptoms include a reduced urine output, dry mouth, muscle weakness, and an unusual thirst (on top of the same symptoms for mild dehydration). 

At this point, it can become hard to focus on the tasks at hand, more difficult to do “normal” physical things like lifting heavy items, and you may start to feel strangely unwell. 

Severe Dehydration Symptoms 

Most of us get enough water from our food to prevent severe dehydration from setting in. However, if you’ve been chronically dehydrated for a long time and you undertake a physical challenge (for example, a long run in hot weather), it can come out of the blue. 

Initial symptoms include heat cramps, a rapid heartbeat, dry, hot skin, fever, and delirium. In these cases, there’s a chance of your organs being under so much pressure that they begin to fail. 

One of the biggest signs is when you stop sweating. At this point, your blood pressure drops, there’s a chance of having seizures, you may lose consciousness, and kidney failure is imminent. 

In Conclusion 

Drinking water can save your life! And it isn’t that hard. All you need to do is make a conscious effort to increase your intake. Set a reminder. Get in a habit. 

However, while simply drinking more will definitely help to keep the negative health effects of dehydration away, there’s a little more to it than that. 

You can drink any old water and stay hydrated. But not all water is equal. Choosing to drink clean, pure, filtered water will boost your hydration, reduce your intake of bacteria and microplastics, and improve health rather than deteriorating it. 

Why not set some reminders right now so you can drink more water tomorrow? In the meantime, check out our water filters to cleanse and purify the water coming out of your taps.