Signs of dehydration

Water is integral to your general health and wellbeing, especially during Australia’s long hot summers. And although the climate in Australia varies greatly throughout the country’s eight states and territories, one thing that they all have in common is that temperatures can soar during the summer months, with heat waves seeing temperatures climb to 40 degrees or more!

After all, when the temperature rises, it’s even more important that we stay hydrated, as dehydration can be life-threatening, especially in the young and old.

With this in mind, it’s important that Australians take care of themselves in the sunshine, ensuring they remain hydrated and drink plenty of water, especially when out and about in the sun.

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But how much water should you be drinking?

As a general rule of thumb, experts advise that Adult women should try to drink around 8 cups of water every day which works out to around 2 litres. For adult men, they should attempt to drink around 10 cups of water which is 2.5 litres a day.

Of course, during periods where you are active or when you are exposed to the sun, this may change as you generally consume more water in these instances.

And water consumption can also change if you are taking certain medications, if you are breastfeeding and if you are doing more exercise than you normally would.

All in all, you should not feel thirsty and a good way to keep tabs on your hydration levels is to check your urine – the darker your urine is, the more dehydrated you are.

Why is water important for good health?

We all know the importance of consuming our daily amount of water. It is not only crucial to remaining hydrated but it’s also important for maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Between 50 and 80% of the human body is made up of water, so it’s vital that you stay hydrated if you want the body to function in the way that it should.

But what happens if you don’t get enough water?

Dehydration can be incredibly dangerous and, if you don’t drink enough water on a daily basis, you are putting yourself at risk of developing health issues such as kidney stones.

How can you keep your fluids up?

Whether you’re busy at work, enjoying a day down at the beach or simply chilling out at home, there are lots of ways that you can keep your fluids up so you don’t succumb to dehydration. After all, being dehydrated is no fun and can make you extremely poorly.

So, here’s how you can keep on top of your fluids:

  • Keep water on the table at all mealtimes
  • Avoid high sugar drinks – these can make you even more thirsty
  • Carry a water bottle with you at all times, especially on a hot day!
  • Keep chilled tap water in the fridge
  • Keep water in the freezer so you can access cold water when you are out and about
  • Add flavour to your water with slices of fruit such as watermelon, lemon or strawberries.
  • Keep water in your car for long, hot journeys

Is bottled water healthier than tap water?

Many people prefer to consume bottled water over tap water because it contains added minerals that are linked to good health. Bottled water is guaranteed to be of a specific quality and is also highly regulated. Learn a little more on this subject by reading our article, ‘Which water type is best for health‘.

Oh, and you can also store bottled water for a long time!

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