Can you help fight cancer and diseases with Alkaline Water?

Some scientists believe that an over concentration of acids in the body creates the conditions for the growth and development of certain bacteria, yeast and other microforms, and these are the cause of many illnesses, low energy, weight gain and even cancer.  An Alkaline water filter helps to balance the body’s pH levels and helps to reduce the amount of acids produced by the body.   Take out excess acid then you reduce development and growth of bacteria, yeast and other microforms.  This will help to prevent illnesses.

Alkaline water helps the body to eliminate acids.   All the body systems have a function that neutralises and eliminates acid. For example, the respiratory system breaths out the acids that are formed in carbon dioxide. This works as a buffer system to protect the body against a build up of acids. If these systems become compromised then they become less efficient at neutralising and eliminating these acids, and then this causes a build up of acids that lead to growth of microforms that in turn causes ill-health. The Alkaline filter assist the body by making the buffers zones so that they are efficient in eliminated acids from the body.

When your cells metabolise to produce energy, or they perform their functions for body’s maintenance and growth, then the by-products of these cellular activities is acid. The rate and the amount of acid production depends upon a number of factors such as how active you are, or whether you are a healthy person, and what types of foods you consume. However, the amount of acid produced can be changed by the amount water and type of water used to hydrate the body. If the cells are supplied with minerals and nutrients from blood with the correct and balanced pH value of just over 7 then cellular activity is more efficient and produces less acids. This is why adding healthy minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium is good for your health.

The best advice for finding the right pH balance for you body is to keep hydrated with the water that has an alkaline pH value, and to drink the required amount of this type of water. Alkaline water helps to neutralise stored acids and toxins. Drinking water will give the body more alkaline fluid to move through out the body.  These fluids are eventually eliminated by the body carrying the acid toxins with it.   The benefits of helping the body neutralise and remove acids and toxins is that you will feel healthier, avoid serious diseases and slow the ageing process.

Dr Young explains that problem with acids with an example of a fish in a tank.  If you noticed that a fish is ill then the first thing that you do is to check or change the water.  It is obvious that the fish requires water to have the right levels of purity.  Dr Young says that it is exactly that same with our bodies.   He asks us to think about our millions of cells that make up our cardiovascular system, digestive system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, endocrine system, urinary system, immune system and the reproductive system.  Then think about how our bodies are made up of over 65% water.  Our cells are like a fish in a tank.   Cells require the same type of pure water conditions as the fish does so that they function at their best.

Today, we consume too much acids, and our cells are forced to function in chemistry that is more acidic than it should be. It is true that our bodies self regulate to maintain the right pH values.  Our bodies change the chemistry of the fluids surrounding the cells.  The problem that occurs when we consume too much acid is that the body has to re-focus energy on fixing the acid problem.  Our bodies are more efficient when it only has to focus on providing our body parts with the energy it needs.  If we have the right pH balance then we have less acids in our bodies.  We will look younger, feel more alert and avoid getting sick.

Many thousands of Australians recognise the importance of controlling what minerals they consume and what pH values goes into their bodies.  Buying, or upgrading your water filter system, with an alkaline filter cartridge is a great platform for a lifestyle change.

Great Water Filters recommend the Elite Series 2 Alkaline Water Filter to help your body stop the build up of acids that can causes diseases and illnesses.  You will feel more alert and look younger.

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