Is Drinking Filtered Water Good for Losing Weight

Is drinking filtered water good for losing weight? Or is it just a placebo effect? Here’s what we know about drinking filtered water and why it can be beneficial to you if you’re looking to shed some kilos. 

Drinking enough water is a key ingredient of weight loss. Strangely, the less we drink, the more we hold onto water weight! This can make us feel chunky and bloated. 

But is there a difference between filtered and unfiltered water when it comes to weight loss? Here’s why we believe filtered water is the best bet for shedding those unwanted kilos. 

Hydration = Satiation 

Filtered water removes the bad chemicals from water, such as fluoride and chlorine. But it also keeps or adds vital minerals to the water, which are great for keeping you hydrated. 

Unfortunately, we tend to confuse thirst for hunger and eat when we should be drinking water. This can actually lead to an increase in appetite, causing you to snack as your body interprets thirst as hunger. 

When you drink water, your stomach sends a signal to the brain that something is coming into the digestive system. This can help to suppress your appetite. Sneaky trick! 

Make sure that you’re sufficiently hydrated throughout the day! This helps keep snacking to a minimum and avoid upping your calories unnecessarily.

Easier to Drink 

Lots of people don’t like the taste or the smell of tap water, so they’ll choose other drinks over water. Unfortunately, these other drinks may be high in sugar. If you have more than one a day, the calories will quickly add up.

Fortunately, filtered water is easier to drink as it has no smell and a more appealing taste. This is because it’s filtered out chemicals like chlorine, aluminium, and fluoride

The refreshing taste of filtered water can help you to start drinking more water rather than fruit juices and sodas, lowering your calorie intake significantly. 

Improved Health 

Water is vital for our body’s daily functions, like carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells, aiding in digestion, regulating your body temperature, cushioning joints, and protecting organs and tissues. 

Unfiltered water may contain chemicals that affect your thyroid. As a result, your thyroid hormones can affect your metabolic rate, making it difficult to lose weight. 

Water filters remove harmful chemicals but allow minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium to re-enter your purified water. These minerals can help improve your overall health.

In fact, research has shown that you can boost your metabolism by 10 to 30% for an hour just by drinking water! And if it’s filtered, even better. 


While drinking filtered water itself isn’t enough to shed weight, there are definite advantages to drinking it that will help you to lose weight faster and easier. 

Get regular exercise, watch your diet and your calorie intake, and add 1 to 1 ½ litres of filtered per day. If you’re consistent, your weight loss goals will come faster than you think! 

That being said, even if you drink it on its own without the rest of it, it’s a far healthier choice than unfiltered, anything-could-be-in-it water!