The War Against Fluoride

Fluoride is often claimed to be good for our teeth.  We are told that this is the reason for why Water Authorities put fluoride into our drinking water.  However, many people and organisations are taking a stand against fluoridation.   Dr Paul Connett is a Professor of Chemistry, and he thought that people who took a stand against fluoride were over exaggerating the issue until he looked into it.  What he found shocked him. Fluoride is bad for our health and we consume this toxic compound when we drink tap water.

Surprisingly, one of the health problems caused by fluoride is Dental Fluorosis.   Dental Fluorosis is a disease where the teeth don’t develop correctly.  You might recognise white spots on yours or your family’s teeth.  This is a mild form of Dental Fluorosis.

When fluoride was first put into the town water supplies, one hundred years ago, scientists predicted that 10% of people will develop these stains on their teeth.  Recently, a study in the United States found that 41% of children between 12-15 have Dental Fluorosis.   In the same study, the researchers identified 3.6% of the children had severe case of this condition.  This means that the teeth had brown and black strains.  Although dental fluorosis is only a cosmetic problem, the fact that so many people have this problem demonstrates how easily fluoride effects our bodies.  The main concern about adding fluoride to the water is Skeletal Fluorosis.

When we consume fluoride half of it is filtered by the kidneys and excreted in urine. Unfortunately, the remaining fluoride finds it way to the skeletal system.  Your bones are constantly being regenerated.  This is called remodeling.  Bone remodeling is a life-long process where mature bone tissue is removed from the skeleton and new bone tissue is formed.  When we drink fluoridated water this excess fluoride then forms in the bone structure.  This causes the bone to harden and become less elastic, and this makes a person more prone to bone fractures.  The increase in bone tissue can also cause impaired joint mobility.

Fluoride also has an effect on the thyroid gland.  This effect the levels of calcium that is converted into the bone structure.  Once again the bone structure is weakened.  Bone stiffness and rheumatism have all been linked to fluoride toxicity.  Fluoridation of the water supply is a concern for every one.

You notice that the word fluorosis is used as a scientific term to describe the strains on the teeth and the brittle bones; as in the words Dental Fluorosis and Skeletal Fluorosis.  Fluorosis is derive from the word fluoride.  The fact that fluoride is toxic has been known to scientists for a long time.

There are so many people and organisations that are spending their time to take action against water fluoridation.  If you want to read more about health problems related to fluoride then I suggest that you read the Australian Action to End Water Fluoridation website at Australian Fluoride Action.  Here you can find information about how fluoride can cause cancer.

Many European countries have already stopped treating public water with fluoride in the 1970s.  At present, there is no plan to do the same in Australia.  People who are concerned about Fluoride use water filtration systems to remove it from their tap water. Unfortunately, Fluoride is a difficult contaminant to remove.  The only type of water filter that filters it from your tap water is a reverse osmosis filtration system.  A Reverse Osmosis system uses a semi-permeable membrane.  This membrane has hole sizes of 0.002 microns.  This is the only hole size that will remove fluoride from your drinking water.

Great Water Filters recommend the Elite Series 3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System.  It is a water filtration system that has a 99% Fluoride removal rate.

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