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Great Water Filters Brisbane – for all your pure drinking water requirements.

As a busy “One Stop Water Filter Shop”, we install and service systems across the entire state of Queensland; we advise and sell a comprehensive range of the best water filters on the market. We have systems for residential properties as well as businesses. All of our water filters in Brisbane come with free installation!

Following this installation, we support every single one of our water filters in the field; from annual filter cartridge replacements to any routine service needs.

For the last 30 years, we’ve partnered with the best plumbers in Queensland and Brisbane, and our water filterswater purifier systems, coolers and chillers that are purchased online, are couriered directly to one of our plumbers near you in Brisbane. 

Early in this booking process, our plumber will call you to agree on the best time to install your water filter system.

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30 Years’ Installing Water Filters in Brisbane

Our success is due to our exceptionally-well engineered filter systems combined with second-to-none customer service.

We’re always developing our systems to ensure customers have the most effective technology for their tap water needs, from perfecting our flagship Whole House system to improving the efficacy and removal rate of our popular Reverse Osmosis unit.

All under-counter (aka under-sink) systems, in addition to our flagship Whole House water filters, frequently installed across Brisbane and greater Queensland, feature Sanitary Safe Smart Technology and Simple Cartridge Change fittings.

This means that customers avoid expense plumber fees to deal with cartridge changes and excessive water filter repairs. Instead, these cutting-edge water filters are surprisingly cheap to run and maintain; something that sets Great Water Filters apart.

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Reverse Osmosis / RO Water Filters in Brisbane

Not satisfied with your Brisbane water supply? Consider installed one of Australia’s best under sink Reverse Osmosis water units. These compact yet capable RO filters are installed for free, anywhere in Brisbane and QLD.

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most comprehensive types of water filtration, and the Elite Series 3 is our top-selling water filter for homes; purifying your Brisbane drinking water.

If you’re concerned about pollution, bacteria and general contamination in your drinking water (some that may have the potential to impact your health and wellbeing), then consider installing a reverse osmosis water filter system. Over the course of a year, it works out considerably cheaper than buying bottled water.

Fifty per cent of Brisbane’s drinking water supply comes from Wivenhoe Dam, 80 kilometres west of Brisbane. One of the most common problems found in drinking water reservoirs and groundwater sources is seasonal algae in the raw water storages, in addition to organic and inorganic contamination.

water filters Brisbane - reverse osmosis

Install a reverse osmosis water filter to remove 99.9999% of contaminants from your Brisbane tap water!

Our RO machine has four comprehensive stages of purification. Firstly, it’ll remove chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine, then pesticides and herbicides from agricultural run-off, and then a whole host of nasty bacterias, even dirt and rust; commonly built up in old pipes to properties. The final stage involves the system enriching the water with essential minerals.

Looking to reduce the hardness of Brisbane drinking water? The Elite Series 3 has you covered here too, it even eliminates the consumption of microplastics and microfibres; sadly now present in all water sources.

This compact and professional RO water filter and purifier fits neatly under your kitchen sink, and is undoubtedly one the most effective under-counter water filters on the market today; enjoy odour free Brisbane drinking water for less than $21 per week!

Reverse osmosis filtration guarantees that families always have access to healthy, pure drinking water.

Stop consuming unhealthy tap water, often filled with bacteria, chemicals and pollution, register your interested in the Elite Series 3 today.

  • $995 or $21 Per Week (0%APR)
  • Completely Free Installation
  • 10 Years of Free Customer Support (worth $750)
  • Unbeatable, No-Quibble Warranty

Elite Series 3



Alkaline Water Filters in Brisbane

One of the best Alkaline water filters and purifiers for residential properties

Did you know, alkaline water has a LOT of health benefits?

A scientific revealed that drinking alkaline water (with pH of at least 8.8) deactivate pepsin (the primary enzyme behind acid reflux).

The Elite Series 2 is a professional Alkaline water filter that enriches Brisbane drinking water with essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, after removing pollutants. It’s also perfect for customers who need a personalised approach to water filtration, for instance, you can modify your unit to remove or to keep fluoride in your water.


alkaline water filter

Some key benefits of drinking alkaline water:

  • Super-hydrating. Alkaline water features smaller molecular content making it far easier for the body to absorb
  • Detoxes the body by washing away toxins that may play a role in developing diseases and illnesses
  • Balances pH levels by neutralising acid. When your body becomes too acidic, it can disrupt cell activity
  • Powerful antioxidant; protecting your body from free radicals can potentially cause a variety of health problems
  • Boosts the immune system; a natural effect of neutralising free radicals, in turn, and helping to cleanse and remove toxins

It’s a flexible, super purification system that makes your drinking water rich in goodness with the perfect PH9 balance.

  • $695 or $15 Per Week (0%APR)
  • Completely Free Installation
  • 10 Years of Free Customer Support (worth $750)
  • Unbeatable, No-Quibble Warranty

Alkaline Water Filters



Whole House Water Filters in Brisbane

A total, point-of-entry water filtration system for the home; available across Brisbane and QLD

Installing a Whole of House water filter is a very popular choice for Brisbane homeowners. 

This complete-house water filter has a comprehensive anti-scale system that actively prolongs the life of your expensive appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines, it even makes cleaning so much easier and faster without things like limescale to content with.

But it goes further than this because by removing the contaminants present in the raw water coming into a property, your health will also benefit. Often skin conditions are cleared up, hair is healthier, and because you’re no longer consuming a whole host of nasty bacterias, chemicals and heavy metals, your overall wellbeing can improve.

This total purification not only protects your family from low-quality drinking water but saves you serious time and money.


whole house water filter

This whole house water filter drastically improves Brisbane water. It’s a point-of-entry water filter to upgrade your life!

Our Whole of House water filter system comes installed for free across Brisbane, in various forms – from a focus on water softening to carbon filtration, even ultraviolet (UV) purification if you want to completely eliminate bacteria.

Many Brisbane residential properties source water from storage tanks, these tanks can often be quite old and poorly maintained; subsequent water is full of heavy metals. 

Don’t let raw tap water ruin your property! Enjoy pure, contaminant-free water across your entire home, for much less than you think. 

We have interest-free payment plans for all our Whole House water filtration systems and install them for free in homes anywhere in Brisbane. We also include ten years of savings and support with all machines.

  • $1995 or $41 Per Week (0%APR)
  • Completely Free Installation
  • Free Vortex Water Softener
  • 10 Years of Free Customer Support (worth $750)
  • Unbeatable, No-Quibble Warranty

Whole of House Water Filters



Professional Water Filter Installation
Amazing Customer Service & Support

Brisbane, QLD & Australia

Our installers are the best in Brisbane and our customer service is comprehensive; we oversee all installations and take care of the annual cartridge replacement, periodic servicing requirements, even two-yearly technology updates. 

Regardless of whether you have our basic countertop water purifiersunder-sink alkaline unitReverse Osmosis system or Whole of House Machine – you’ll have access to the same, unparalleled level of customer care for your water treatment needs.

Professional Water Filter InstallationThe Great Water Filters Brisbane team are professional, skilled and knowledgable; we care about our customers’ having access to reliable Brisbane water filtration. 

Our point-of-entry and under-sink water filters, installed in Brisbane, all come with ten years of savings and support, via our popular VIP package.

Do you need reliable water filter cartridges in Brisbane? Our VIP support plan includes free postage on annual water filter cartridge replacements, plus 24 months of warranty and access to the very latest, cutting-edge tech.

Read about our water filter warranties and service guarantee.

Water filter cartridges are effortlessly ordered online; express posted to your door. You can either install these cartridges yourself, or we can send a plumber over.

We supply and install spare water filter parts, such as taps and tanks too, and for most makes and models. We also have a water filter repair service available across Brisbane and Queensland.




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