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We’re Currently Including Free Installation And 10 Years of Customer Support With All Whole House, Reverse Osmosis & Alkaline Filters

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Welcome to Great Water Filters Newcastle. We’ve been supplying Reverse Osmosis water purifer systems, chilled & instant boiling taps, under sink water filters and whole house water filters for healthy, filtered drinking water in homes and offices across Newcastle, for the last 30 years.

We’re a “One Stop Water Filter Shop” working across Newcastle and New South Wales. We always advise our customers to ensure we’re selling the best water filter for the job. We then fully install our filters, 100% for free. Following this installation, we support all water filter customers by dealing with annual filter cartridge replacements and any routine maintenance requirements. Our 10 year support plan, included with the purchase of any Whole House, Reverse Osmosis or Alkaline system, means that everything is taken care of for you.

After buying one of our filters one of our professional plumbers near you will be in touch to agree on the best time for installing your water filter system.

Which Water Filter Is Best For Me?

Installing Newcastle Water Filters For Over 30 Years

Our 30-year success is down to the exceptional quality of our filtration products and our customer support. The technology and quality of our filtering systems is regularly updated to meet the needs of our customers; something that varies depending on the local water source.

Most of our products currently feature Sanitary Safe Smart Technology, and a Quick and Simple Cartridge Change method, reducing expensive water filter repairs.

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filters For Newcastle

Looking for the best Reverse Osmosis water filters and purifier systems available for installation across Newcastle?

Newcastle sources it’s drinking water from the Hunter Water’s area including the Grahamstown Dam and Chichester Dam. Ground water’s source begins from the Tomago and Tamaree Sand Beds.

Common issues with drinking water from this type of source include bacteria Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, and aluminum, lead and seasonal algae. It’s crucial purification takes place.

water filters Adelaide - reverse osmosis

The Elite Series 3 machine is a leading under counter Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System that completely filters out E. Coli, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria and metals from Newcastle drinking water.

Get our Elite Series 3 RO water filter today!

  • $995 or $21 Per Week (0%APR)
  • Completely Free Installation
  • 10 Years of Free Customer Support

Elite Series 3

Alkaline Water Filters – Under Sink Water Filtration Systems For The Kitchen & Home, Available Across Newcastle

Find best Alkaline water filters and purifiers, installed neatly under your kitchen sink at home or the office. FREE installs Across New South Wales.

Great Water’s under sink alkaline water filters purifiy raw tap water then introduce healthy minerals into your water via alkaline cartridges, the result? Perfect PH9 balance.

Studies show drinking alkaline water with pH of 8.8 or more can help deactivate pepsin, the primary enzyme that causes acid reflux.

Our alkaline water filters for kitchen sinks are the best available in Newcastle. Register your interest today to have it quickly installed in your home.

Or call us today: 1300 137 011.

alkaline water filter

  • $695 or $15 Per Week (0%APR)
  • Completely Free Installation
  • 10 Years of Free Customer Support

Alkaline Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters & Purifiers, Newcastle

Check out our comprehensive range of water filtration system for the home

Our whole house water filter feature a water softening that actually helps to prolong the life of your appliances.

Whole House filters are a very popular choice for homeowners in Newcastle; filtering and purifying water coming into homes from nearby dam sources.

This type of filtering system guarantees protection from contaminants in the water, for your entire family.

whole house water filter

Should you consider buying our whole house water filtration system, we’ll not only install it for free, we’ll also throw in a Vortex water softener (worth $500) AND include 10 years of customer support (worth hundreds of dollars).

We also have the option of interest-free payment plans for our filtration systems – something you can select at checkout or request during a phone call.

  • $1995 or $41 Per Week (0%APR)
  • Completely Free Installation
  • Free Vortex Water Softener
  • 10 Years of Free Customer Support

Whole of House Water Filters

Professionally-Qualified Water Filter Installation
Exceptional Customer Services & Support Near You

Working Across Newcastle & Australia

We employ the best water filtration installers across Newcastle and Australia. They take care of the installation of the filter, any periodic servicing, technological updates and annual cartridge replacements. We’ve got you covered.

Professional Water Filter Installation

Our VIP care plans include annual water cartridge replacement reminders and free postage of thoes cartridges, for ten years!

Our water filter cartridges can be easily purchased online via our website too, then either installed by one of our qualified plumbers of dispatched straight to your door, at the click of a button!

Our Newcastle water filter services, water purifiers, coolers and instant boiling tap systems all come with a no-quibble, one-year guarantee covering you for the repair or replacement of any parts, it also includes all labour and call-out fees.

Learn more about our water filter guarantees.

We also sell spare water filter parts, such as tanks, taps and faucets, and for most manufacturers. Our water filter repair service is available across Newcastle and New South Wales.

1300 137 011

Looking for a reliable, specialist filtered water company and supplier in Newcastle? We’re regularly servicing, supplying & installing water filters, treatment and purification systems nearby.

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We’ll be in touch to answer questions and help select the most suitable water filter for your needs. We’ll then schedule your FREE Newcastle water filter installation service with one of our qualified plumbers.

Don’t need an expert installer? No problem, we also have a DIY option for installing our purifiers, reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filtration, Alkaline water machines and water tanks.

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