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Great Water Filters Taree

Thank you for taking the time to consider Great Water Filters Taree. We cover all pure drinking water filter, purifier and cooler needs.

As a “One Stop Water Filter Shop”, we sell and install the industries’ best water filters across the Taree. We cover greater Taree and Australia too.

We don’t just install Taree water filters – we service and support all of our kitchen water filter systems, whole of house and instant boiling taps.

We’ve partnered with professional plumbing networks all over Australia and Taree. Our Water filters, purifier systems, water filter coolers and water chillers are shipped to these trusted installers. Early in the process, our plumber will call you for the best time to do the water filter system installation.

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Supplying Water Filters in Taree & Australia For Over 25 Years


Over the past 25 years of installing and servicing water filters in Taree, our success is down to dependable customer service. We strive to give new and existing clients the most advanced cutting edge technology for filtering tap water.

Office and home, benchtop and under sink water filters and purifiers are available across Taree and Australia. Systems include Smart Sanitary Safe Technology and Simple Quick Change Cartridge systems.

This innovative technology means you can do away with expensive, on-going plumbing maintenance and water filter repairs.

Our simple mess-free, cutting-edge water filter solutions truly set Great Water Filters apart as leaders in the field.

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RO / Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Taree

Looking for the best Reverse Osmosis water filters in Taree?

Our most popular and best home water filter and purifier systems for drinking water in Taree is the Elite Series 3 machine – a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System.

RO water filters and purifiers filter out dirt, chemicals like fluoride, pesticides and herbicides, nasty bacterias, as well as hardness from your Taree drinking water.

reverse osmosis water filter

Installing reverse osmosis filtration in your home is simply the best approach to water filter purification.

RO water purifiers provide you and your family with drinking water free from pesticides, bacteria, microplastics, microfibres, heavy metals and fluoride, to name just a few.

Our Reverse Osmosis water filters and purifier systems fit underneath your kitchen sink and are unquestionably the most straightforward, most effective under-counter solution.

These easy-installation machines not only clean and purify your Taree drinking water, but they also make it taste great too!

Fully Installed For $1195. Interest-Free Payments From $21 Per Week (Available At Checkout)

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Alkaline Water Filters Taree

Need a great Alkaline water filter professionally installed in Taree? Register your interest now.

While alkaline water has many health benefits, acidic water is potentially harmful to humans.

A recent study found that drinking alkaline water with a pH of at least 8.8 can help to deactivate pepsin, the primary enzyme that causes acid reflux – one of the many reasons people choose to install an alkaline water filter machine in Taree.

alkaline water filter

Some people want fluoride in the water but some people wish to remove fluoride from their water altogether. It depends on the individual – we can help either way.

Once water filtration has taken place, our under counter alkaline water filters and purifiers add essential minerals back into your Taree drinking water using an alkaline cartridge; a purification system that makes water the perfect pH7+ balance.

Fully Installed For $795. Interest-Free Payments From $15 Per Week (Available At Checkout)

Alkaline Water Filters

Whole of House Water Filters Taree

Our whole house water filters treat Taree water at its point that it enters your home; water filters that purifier and clean your Taree water coming in through sink taps and appliances.

Home water filter systems come in many different forms, including water softeners, ultra violet (UV) water purifiers, or carbon filters.

Our Whole House water filter system is an exceptionally successful installation in Taree, this comprehensive home water filter protects your appliances, including water filtration and purification for your showers, baths and sinks.

whole house water filter

Taree customers with water tanks regularly invest in our Whole House water filtration systems comes fully installed with a water softener.

Don’t let raw tap water ruin your home, enjoy clean and clear Taree tap water – filter with our Whole House water filtration system for the home – installed in Taree and across the region.

Don’t forget, all our Taree whole house water filters include an anti-scale system designed to prolong the life of your appliances and offer protection by removing chlorine from your home water, filtering your shower, bath AND drinking water.

Fully Installed For $1995. Interest-Free Payments From $41 Per Week (Available At Checkout)

Whole of House Water Filters

Qualified, Professional Water Filter Installation,
Exceptional Customer Service & Support

Across Taree & Australia

Great Water Filters Taree has a professional, competent and genuinely caring water filtration support team.

We want our customers to have total peace of mind, whether that’s with simple benchtop, cold water filters and water cooler dispensers or more comprehensive Whole of House and healthy Reverse Osmosis systems, available to install across Taree and New South Wales in general.

Our plumbers are the best in the region and are either full-time Great Water employees or licensed, professional water filter and chiller installers in Taree.

You can be assured of truly comprehensive and professional experience as we take care of everything for you, from the installation of water filters and tanks through to servicing and technology updates of some of the best benchtop and undersink water filters and filtration solutions for the home and office.

Professional Water Filter Installation

Register interest and we’ll call to answer questions and advise you on the best water filter for your needs.

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Our Taree drinking water filters and systems come with the option of a ten year VIP package; a support package that includes yearly water filter cartridge replacement reminders, as well as the free postage of these cartridges, for ten years!

Replacement water filter cartridges range from improving the taste of drinking water, to reverse osmosis and fluoride removal.

Water filter cartridges can be purchased on our site and installed by us across Taree.

We also supply and install spare water filter parts, taps and tanks across the region.

All our Taree filter, water purifier and cooler services come with an unbeatable, no-quibble, two-year, 100% water filter guarantee, and covers you for the repair or replacement of any part, free from labour costs and call-out fees.

Water filter systems come with a two-year warranty on taps and water tank installations plus a ten-year warranty on housing.

Learn more about our water filter warranties.

For any Taree water filter enquiries or you would like us to service or install a benchtop, under counter or Whole of House water filter in your home, call our Taree water treatment and filter specialists on 1300 137 011.



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