Thank you for taking the time to consider Great Water Filters Fremantle. Get on the course to a much healthier way of life with your Great Water filter. Avoid raw tap water and experience joy from drinking clean, pure water straight from your great water filter tap!

Serving Australian Families

Great water is a one-stop-shop that has served Australian households for over 25 years, with over 25,000 clients drinking pure fresh water daily!  Our cutting edge technology, customer service, and also loyal customers have contributed to our success. Please kick back and relax and allow us to do every little thing for you and take pleasure in great tasting water for life! Customers are enthusiastic about our product and services we provide; we are, without a doubt, Australia’s #1 best water filter system in the marketplace! We provide a wide-range of water filter systems with our easy-to-replace water filter cartridge innovation to get rid of paying on-going plumbing expenses to service your water filter system.

Alkaline & Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Our unique Elite series-3 reverse osmosis water filter system is our most prominent system; it takes out all the awful dirt, chemicals (including fluoride), bacteria, and also all various other pollutants that can be unsafe to your body while at the same time adding back vital minerals with an alkaline water filter to perfectly balance water to pH9 to enhance your day-to-day efficiency and also wellbeing; it resembles having a filtered water bottle machine under your sink at a fraction of the price; saving you thousands in the years to come and also reducing your plastic footprint! We don’t want to be naughty, do we?

Whole Of House Water Filter

Another fantastic water filter solution is our starship product, the elite series-5 whole of house purification system that enables you to enjoy clean water through every faucet in your home! If you had one, you would love it! A system made to extend the life of your appliances and offers protection by getting rid of chlorine from your showers, bath, and drinking water. Far more superior quality than competing brands

10-Year Exclusive V.I.P Support Package & Free Installation

We are providing you total peace of mind with an exclusive 10-year V.I.P support bundle with all orders. A total value of $500 for absolutely no cost! No more uncertainty when your cartridges require replacement. Get a courtesy call every year to service or post out your quick change water filter cartridges. We ensure that your water filter cartridges will be upgraded to the finest micron and also the best cartridge that becomes available to us.
Spend even more time doing the important things you like. No waiting in line, enjoy the benefit of having your cartridges delivered free of cost, straight to your door.


For any inquiries or to book your Free Installation call us on 1300 137 011.

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Great Water Filters Fremantle

Fremantle Western Australia
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