A number of people in Forster are investing in Water Filter systems. It’s less costly than bottled water and people are more inclined to take care of the world by preventing disposable bottles from going into landfills. Great Water Filters Forster is a leader in water filtration.

We recommend using the Whole House Water Filter to protect your home completely. The Whole of house guards your pipes, hot water service and household appliances. Your shower will feel amazing! Shampoo lathers nicely, and it’s better on sensitive skin that is susceptible to gaining a rash from chlorine.<br/ >

Filters For Drinking

Our two most popular Under Sink Water Filters are Elite Series 2 Filtered Alkaline and Elite Series 3 Reverse Osmosis Alkaline filter

People today are not just looking for a Water Filter. They want quality water. Although basic water filters remove most of the impurities – they don’t eliminate fluoride. With our Elite Series 2 and 3, we add an alkaline filter that will add back in the essential minerals that’ll have you feeling amazing!

Alkaline water makes your drinking water a pH7+ and people feel so much better drinking this type of water. Many scientists say alkaline water helps get rid of toxins out of the body.

Customer Support  & Free Installation

Great Water Filters prides itself on after-sales service. Most Water Filter companies are happy to sell a filter but then you never hear from them again. With our company, we give you complete peace of mind with a yearly reminder to change your cartridges. Furthermore, we post out the cartridges for free. The cartridge technology is so simple – just like changing a light bulb.

We are currently offering Free Installation by our licensed plumber in Forster.


Book your Free Installation today or for more information on our Water Filter range contact our friendly sales team.
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