What Do Our Water Purification Systems Remove?

stage 1 - 5 micron - filtration process


Removes Dirt, Rust & Mud

stage 2 - 1 micron - filtration process


Chlorine, Pesticides & Odour

stage 2 - 0.0001 micron - filtration process

0.0001 MICRON

Heavy Metals, Fluoride & Bacteria

stage 4 - alkaline & minerals - filtration process


Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium

Do you actually know what dangerous chemicals are floating in your water?

Are you looking affordable water purifier systems to give you complete peace of mind knowing that the water you’re giving your family is safe to drink and enjoy? 

Our best water purifiers force water through a semi-permeable membrane, this process removes dissolved solids down to just 0.0001 micron in size.

To put that into perspective, 1 Millimeter (mm) is equal to 1000 microns!

Removing a multitude of dissolved solids, heavy metals and chemicals (organic and non-organic), bacterias, viruses and algae, in addition to drastically improving taste and erradicating odour, we understand the importance of a reliable service when it comes to keeping your family’s drinking water safe.

Which Water Purifier?
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Say goodbye to bad smells and taste and hard water!

Australian water quality, through the years, has taken a bit of a nosedive, and that’s why we’re passionate about making sure you have the best water possible,
with the help of a company and a range of purification products that you can trust. 

Keep your water germ-free and clean by installing water purifier systems.

Hazardous additives, chemicals, and gases can lead to not only a bitter taste but unhealthy water as well.
Water purifiers can combat these chemicals, creating not just super-healthy water, but water that tastes great too!

Hazardous, contaminated water can also lead to a shortened life for your appliances.
Our water purifers not only remove chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, but heavy metals and more corrosive contaminants –  actively prolonging the life of appliances!