Which Filter Suits You Best?

Great Water’s business philosophy is to make your water filter purchase a one-stop solution.  Our plumbers are expert installers who work professionally and quickly.  With in hours of purchasing the product, Great Water Filters guarantees that you and your family will be enjoying pure and healthy water.  We want you to make the right the decision.

This section is designed so to help you make that choice.  If you have any further questions about our products please call our water filtration experts on 1300 137 011.

Below is a list of all the benefits that you will have when you purchase any of the Great Water Filters products.

For more detailed information about each of the product just click on the product name.

Elite Series 1 Under Sink Water Filter

The Elite Series 1 is an under sink water filter.  It is a system with Smart Design features making it the most technologically advance filter in the market.  The Elite Series 1 Undersink Water Filter will suit people who have the following needs:

Great Water Filters promotes the Elite Series 1 Under Sink Water Filter.  

Elite Series 2 Alkaline Water Filter

The Elite Series 2 uses an Alkaline water filter cartridge in the last stage of the filtering process.  The Alkaline cartridge will give you that extra health kick.  The Elite Series 2 Alkaline Water Filter will Suit the following people:

Great Water Filters markets the Elite Series 2 Alkaline Water Filter.  It is a water filter with Smart Design features. The Alkaline filter will help you balance your body’s pH value and will add in healthy minerals to help you be at your best.

Read more about alkaline water,

Elite Series 4 UV Light Water Filter

Here are the following reasons why the UV Light might suit your needs.

Great Water Filters markets the Elite Series 4 UV Light Under Sink Water Filter. It will protect you and your family against the dangers of germs.   You can upgrade any of the Elite Series to have a UV light filter.   The Elite Series 5 Whole House Water Filter System can also be upgraded. Ultra Violet Light water treatment comes highly recommended.

Elite Series 5 Whole House Water Filter

The Whole House water filtration system is a complete solution to your water needs.  The Elite Series 5 will suit the people who have the following needs:

People who want pure water through their whole home.

For guaranteed total protection for you and your family, the whole house water filter offers a complete package.  Safe and fresh water in every outlet of your house give you extra benefits.  Household activities don’t only occur in the kitchen.  With a whole house water filter you can fill up your pets drinking bowls from the laundry tap.  You might want to water your prized garden and in house plants with filtered water.  Having filtered water in every outlet in your house will give you more flexibility.

People who want pure water in their showers and baths

Having a shower or bath is the ultimate of feeling clean.  Being washed by contaminated free water is just an added luxury at an affordable price.   When your body in washed in fresh water then your body benefits.

People who have skin irritations or dry scalp

Filter water is sifter on your skin.  Chlorine reacts with proteins.  This means that chlorine will dry out your skin, make it itch and red, and irritate pre-existing skin conditions.  IF you want your skin to look younger and healthier then a filtered water in your bathroom is recommended.

People who don’t want to experience shortness of breath after a bath or shower.

Chlorine in the water produces gas by-products when it is heated over 25 degrees.  This can cause particular problems to people who suffer from asthma or other breathing conditions.  Chlorine gas from baths and showers can cause you to feel tired and tight chested.  A whole house water filter reduces the stress on your breathing and decreases the tiredness you feel after a bath or shower.

People who want to get rid of scale build-up and staining their water use appliances.

Scale is caused by excessive amounts of minerals in the water.  The problem with scale is that it builds up on the heating elements of your appliances such as irons, kettles, washing machines and hot water services.  When the heating element has scale then your appliances don’t work efficiently.  It will take extra electricity to heat up the water and your appliances will have a shorter operational life.  Scale will cost you money.

Great Water Filters sell the Elite Series 5 Whole House water filter.  It has the descalent feature to protect your water use appliances.  You will save money on electricity bills and on appliance replacement costs.

Furthermore, you and your family will be protected against contamination of your water supply.  The Elite Series 5 is a robust water filter with 3 filter cartridges. You will have fresh and safe drinking water.  Every outlet in your house will provide you with quality water.  With chlorine removed from your bathroom water, your skin and hair will look healthier, you will breath easier and not feel tight chested and tired after a shower or bath.

Elite Series 6 Office Water Coolers

Office Coolers or Chillers will benefit to your office or business.  Below are the reasons why:

Promotes healthier habits and better productivity

Your workers will enjoy the benefits of having filtered chilled water available.  Low energy and tiredness is mostly caused by a lack of hydration.  Most people don’t hydrate regularly unit they feel tired or extra thirsty.  A water cooler that provide chilled filtered water more pleasurable to drink.   Your staff will drink this type of water more often than unfiltered water.  This will make your staff satisfied and more alert helping them to maintain high productivity.

Visiting Customers Feel More Satisfied

Providing water for your visiting customers or clients will make their experience at your work place more enjoyable.  The client has made the effort to visit you work place.  Such an effort requires that they need to hydrate.   They will appreciate a cool drink of great tasting filtered water when they arrive.

Save Money as there is no need to purchase water

You will save money on the cost of purchasing water.  People generally will choose to purchase water rather than drinking tap water.  If you have a water cooler with a filter then you and your employees don’t have to purchase bottled water.

If you have your on water cooler with a filter then you don’t have to have a contact with a water company that delivers large and heavy water kegs.   The water cooler is plumbed into your buildings water source.  This water source is the cheapest available.  A cooler with a filtering system will provide you with quality water at no extra cost.

Save Time

You will enjoy unlimited, purified water without the hassle of ordering, receiving deliveries and staff lifting heavy bottles.  The Water Coolers require minimal maintenance.  Once the water cooler has been plumbed into the building’s water supple then all you need to do is flick the tap and enjoy chilled filtered water.

Quality Water

The plumbed coolers with a filtering system will eliminate a high percentage of dirt, chemical and germ contaminants.  A filtering system with 3 filter cartridges will remove over 90% of contaminants.  This will not only make your water taste fresh and pure but it will create a quality that is safe.   You, your workers and your customers will enjoy drinking water at this level of quality.

Great Water Filters have a range of water chillers perfect for your office or business. Both the Elite Series 6 Free-standing Plumber Water Cooler and the Elite Series 6 UB have water filtration system that are plumbed to your buildings water source.  These types of water coolers will bring benefits to your business.

Elite Series 7 Boiling & Ambient Water with the ES1 Water Filter

Imagine having the convenience of an instant boiling in kitchen.  Our lifestyles don’t leave much time for the activities that we love to do.  An instant boiler in your kitchen will be the luxury item that makes your life that little bit easier.  The Elite Series 7 will suit the following type of people:

People who want to their baby bottles and dummies

Boiling water is required for sterilization of the bottles and dummies. An instant boiler will save you time, and will take away stress. No need to think about organising this routine. Simple turn on the tap and your baby accessories are sterilised in an instant.

People who want to make baby formula

The instant boiler will give you water for making baby formula.  The water is also filtered so that your baby will get fresh and safe water.  It will make the formula taste better.  Also you will save time.   A crying baby can receive its formula with in seconds of needing it.

People who want instant teas and coffees

No need to wait for the kettle to boil.  You can sit down and relax with in seconds of deciding to have a cup of tea or coffee.   The water is also filtered which means that your teas, coffees and other warm drinks will taste better.

People who want to hot water to kick start their meal times

Families are always busy.  An instant boiler will give you more flexibility with your time.  Either it is getting the meal ready, or fulling up a thermos with a hot drink, or using water as an ingredient, an instant boiler will give you more time to relax and do the things you enjoy.

People who want their hot water to be filtered  

Water that is free from contaminants benefits your health.   The Instant Boiler gives you the option of safe and fresh water that is hot.  This will benefit the taste and quality of hot drinks, food that are prepared with this boiling water and baby formulas.

Great Water Filters sell the Elite Series 7 Boiling & Ambient Water with the ES1 Water Filter  This product is Australian Designed.  It will save you both money and time.  Have the luxury of this product in your home.