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 Great Water Filters Auckland specialise in being a “One Stop Water Shop.”  We Install, Service & Support all of our Water Filter products for your home.

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Why Great Water Filters? 

In the past 25 years, our success has been attributed to providing our clients with the most advanced cutting edge  water filter systems available. Our Smart Sanitary Safe Technology with our Simple Quick Change Cartridge technology is very popular. Further this means that you can do without the expensive burden of on-going plumbing costs to service your water filter system. We offer Simple, No mess water filter solutions that sets Great Water Filters apart.

Customer Service & Support

At Great Water, we have a professional, competent and caring support team. You will have total peace of mind with your water filter installation and on-going customer care experience. All of our plumbers are full-time employees or contracted licensed plumbers. Furthermore you can be assured of a total professional experience as we look after everything for you.

Our Filters 

For drinking we recommend the Reverse Osmosis Under Sink system. This system takes out dirt, chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, and hard water.  We also add an alkaline filter which puts the essential minerals back into your water. Further an alkaline filter helps get rid of toxins with the water being PH9. Also a Reverse Osmosis system takes out fluoride. Some people want fluoride in the water and some people want it out of the water. It depends on the individual.

For the Whole of House our Elite Series 5 is very popular. This protects your home and appliances and makes for a fresher shower. Some people add the Whole of House Water Filter system to an Under Sink System.

Feel free to check out our products in the SHOP.  We are currently offering “Free Installation”.

For enquiries email: or phone 1300 525 671. 

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