Great Water Filters Albury Wodonga 

Thank you for taking the time to consider Great Water Filters Albury Wodonga for all your pure drinking water needs. We specialise in being a “One Stop Water Shop” as we Install, Service & Support all of our Water Filter products for your home.

Why Great Water Filters Albury Wodonga? 

In the past 25 years, our success has been attributed to providing our clients with the most advanced cutting edge technology.  Furthermore our systems  now include Smart Sanitary Safe Technology.  Our Simple Quick Change Cartridge technology is revolutionary. Therefore you can do without the expensive burden of on-going plumbing costs. We offer Simple, No mess water filter solutions that sets Great Water Filters apart.

Consumers today want to save money and drink better quality water. Moreover filtering your own water costs .02c litre compared to .50c litre with bottled water. Hence,  for drinking our most popular product is the Reverse Osmosis Under Sink system that takes out dirt, chemicals, and bacteria. Further we include an alkaline cartridge to add back the essential minerals. This makes the water a PH9.

Additionally for your Whole House the Elite Series 5 protects your appliances, hot water water service, washing machine, and makes for a fresher shower.

Our Reverse Osmosis system and Filtered Alkaline system add back essential minerals. Scientists are saying water with an alkalinity of PH9 can help your overall health. Most importantly it can help the body get rid of toxins.

Customer Service & Support

At Great Water we have a professional, competent and caring support team. You will have total piece of mind.  All of our plumbers are either full time employees or are fully licensed contractors. So you can be assured of a total professional experience as we look after everything for you.

We are only a phone call away on 1300 137 011.

Feel free to check out our most popular selling products which currently include “Free Installation”

Water Filters Albury Wodonga