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Great Water Filters Victoria

At Great Water Filters VIC, we make the process easy for you…



We specialise in affordable under sink water filters for kitchens as well as whole house water filters, comprehensive reverse osmosis systems, even instant boiling & chilled taps for your home and office.

We don’t just supply water filters either – we fully install them, for free!

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer support inbcluding all annual filter cartridge replacements and any routine maintenance requirements.

We partner with the best professional plumbers in the Victoria.

When purchasing one of our water filters, water purifier systems, water filter coolers or water chillers, a plumber near you will be in touch to discuss the best time for your water filter system installation.


Whole House Water Filters Victoria

Our comprehensive and best home water filtration system

Installing Whole House water filters is an exceptionally popular choice for homeowners in the Victoria. This entire-home water filter ensures purified water is supplied through every pipe and faucet in your house.

This process doesn’t just guarantee protection for your family, it is a comprehensive water filtration and purification approach that will also extend the life of your appliances, including showers, baths and sinks.

Our home water filter systems come in many different forms, including water softeners, ultra violet (UV) water purifiers, or carbon filters.

Many of our Victoria customers with water tanks regularly invest in our Whole House water filtration systems which come fully installed with a free water softener worth $500. This helps to improve the hardness of tank water by removing heavy metals.

Don’t let raw tap water ruin your home! You can enjoy clean and clear water in the Victoria for less than you think.

We even offer interest-free payment plans for our Whole House water filtration system, which would be installed for free anywhere in the Victoria.

healthy home Australia

Watch Walt having the Elite Series 5, our flagship whole of house water filtration system, installed at the farm he’s renovating on Channel 10’s Healthy Homes Australia.

Removes unwanted impurities in your home (up to 1 micron!) For households of all sizes – small, medium & large
Sediment, Dirt & Rust
Sediment, Dirt & Rust
Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides & Heavy Metals
Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides & Heavy Metals
Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts & Odours
Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts & Odours

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Recent Customer Installations

What water supply are people drinking in Victoria?

Our Whole House Water Filter System is Recommended for

Town Tap Water
Town / Tap Water Improve the quality of your water, making it safer and healthier to drink. Without treatment, town water supply contains chemicals that can have an adverse affect upon your health.
Tank Water
Tank Water Another popular source, with the collection of natural rainfall in rainwater tanks. When consuming this type of water supply, you risk the contamination of Bacteria and parasites which has not been filtered out.
Bore Water
Bore Water Instead, some areas may choose to source their water through water bores. This underground water requires softening and purification before drinking.

WHOLE HOUSE filters Victoria

patented technology

Engineered in Australia

World’s most advanced whole house filter system, designed and developed in Australia for Australians.

Built-in Pressure Gauges

Built-in Pressure Gauges

Built-in smart gauges let you know if your filters are being blocked and eliminate the risk of bursting

elite series 5 whole house water filter

Built to Last

The filter is enclosed in a weatherproof stainless steel cover. Rust & UV Resistant and solid construction, shielding your unit from the elements

Stainless steel bypass valves

Smart Design | Built-in Bypass

Stainless steel bypass valves allow water to divert easily and continue water flow to your home without interruption

worlds most advanced whole house water filtration system

Elite Series 5


Whole House Water Filter System


NOW $2,995

free installation


No Fuss, Fully Installed for Free! 100% Money Back Guarantee.


A complete whole house water filter system. Enjoy pure water through out your home, with wellness in mind. Using earth & volcanic minerals to transform your water, it’s like having your own natural spring right at home!

✅ Suitable for Town & Tank Water

✅ Micro Filtration up to 1 micron

✅ Patented Design, Engineered In Australia

✅ BONUS Vortex Softener ($500 Value)

Cartridge Replacements $245 / Year

Ultimate Reverse Osmosis +
Alkaline + Re-Mineraliser

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RO / Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Victoria

Are you looking for the best Reverse Osmosis water filters in Victoria?

Our most popular and best home water filter and purifier systems for drinking water in Victoria is the Elite Series 3 machine, a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System.

In Victoria, water for agricultural, industrial and urban use has traditionally been sourced from surface or groundwater resources (e.g. dams, weirs and bores). One of the most common problems found in drinking water from this type of source is the seasonal algae in the raw water storages.

Install our innovative RO water filters to filter out not just algae, but also dirt, chemicals like fluoride, pesticides and herbicides, and nasty Bacteria. It also filters out the hardness of your Victoria drinking water by removing heavy metals.

Installing reverse osmosis filtration in your home is simply the best approach to water filter purification.

Our Reverse Osmosis water filters and purifier systems fit underneath your kitchen sink and are unquestionably the most straightforward and effective under-counter solution.

These easy-to-install machines not only clean and purify your Victoria drinking water, they also make it taste great.

Super Filtration +
Alkaline + Re-Mineraliser

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Alkaline Water Filters Victoria

The best Alkaline water filters and purifiers to install at home

A recent study found that drinking alkaline water with a pH of at least 8.8 can help to deactivate pepsin, the primary enzyme that causes acid reflux.

This is one of the many reasons people choose to install an alkaline water filter machine in the Victoria.

We professionally install a range of alkaline water filters and systems for free, across the Victoria.

Following the water filtration process, our under-counter alkaline water filters and purifiers add essential minerals back into your Victoria drinking water, using an alkaline cartridge. Alkaline cartridges are a purification system that gives the water a perfect pH7+ balance.

Super Filtration

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Looking for a basic, under sink water filter?

Our basic starter water system, the Elite Series 1, removes general contaminants in your drinking water, such as but not limited to dirt, rust, mud, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, Bacteria and odour! As with all systems, you’ll receive our 10 Year VIP Super Saver & Support Plan, sending you automated cartridge change reminders and continued access the very latest in filtration tech! You’ll also get FREE postage on all annual replacement cartridges, for the next 10 years!

Get Instant Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Systems Installed In Victoria

Instant hot water dispenser. Hot water tap. Boiling water taps. Instant boiling water dispensers, taps, filters, systems or machines. However you choose to describe them; instant hot water systems play a crucial role in both home improvements and office efficiency.

Enjoy a continuous output of water of your choice with these safe and affordable, instantaneous hot water dispensers! An endless supply of cold and purified water through our chilled water system.

No hassle of buying, lifting and storing heavy bottles all the time. Get instant, disinfected boiling water, straight from your tap through our boiling water filter system. Now there’s no more need of waiting for water to boil.

It’s perfect for the baby formulas, sterilisation, soups and entertaining guest with tea and coffee. We’ve got you covered with one of the best ranges of instantaneous hot water dispenser systems on the Australian market. 

ELITE SERIES 6 Filtered + Chilled

elite series 6
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ELITE SERIES 7 Filtered + Boiling

elite series 7
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ELITE SERIES 6/7 Filtered + Chilled + Boiling

elite series 6-7
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