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Many people in the Karratha area are investing in Water Filter systems.  People are looking to filter their drinking water and their Whole house to protect their number one asset, appliances, and garden.

The Great Water Under Sink Water Filter system which is the most popular is our Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filter. It takes out sediment, chemicals including fluoride and bacteria. Moreover, it has a minerals filter. The minerals filter adds back the essential minerals and makes the drinking water more alkaline and a pH7+.

Some of the most common reasons why people call Great Water Filters is because they are sick of lugging bottled water around a supermarket.  Also they  want to protect the environment from plastic bottles. 70% of bottled water ends up in landfill, litter, or the ocean.  It makes sense to them they can filter their own water and saves them money. They  also ask about filtering their Whole House for fresher showers and to protect their appliances from dirt, rust, and chemicals.

Furthermore, people are not just looking for any old drinking filter. They are looking for quality water which is why they love Alkaline water.

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We pride ourselves on Service

We are currently offering Free Installation by our licensed plumber from Karratha.

To book your Free Installation today or for more information on our Water Filter range contact our friendly sales team on 1300 137 011

We are here to help you make the right choice. You can also browse the shop or go to the home page – scroll down and check out all of our product packages. We are about after sales service and making sure your filter system is in great working order for the lifetime of the product.  Check out our VIP guarantees and warranties.

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