Thank you for considering Great Water Filters Carlisle. Jump on the path to a healthier lifestyle with your Great Water filter! Stay away from raw tap water and experience happiness from drinking clean, fresh water straight from your great water filter tap!


Servicing Australia

Great water  is a one-stop-shop that has served Australian families for over 25 years, with over 25,000 customers consuming pure fresh water daily! Our groundbreaking innovation, customer service, and devoted clients have contributed to our success. Please sit back and relax and allow us to do everything for you and enjoy excellent tasting water for life! Clients are passionate about our services and product we supply; we are, unquestionably, Australia’s # 1 best water filter system in the marketplace! We offer a wide-range of water filter systems with our easy-to-install water filter cartridge technology to get rid of the on-going plumbing costs to service your water filter system.


Alkaline & Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Our special Elite Series-3 reverse osmosis water filter system is our most popular system; it gets all the revolting dirt, chemicals (including fluoride), bacteria, as well as all other impurities that can be harmful to your body while concurrently adding back crucial minerals with an alkaline water filter to perfectly balance water to pH9 to boost your daily performance and also health and wellbeing; it’s like having a filtered water bottle machine under your sink at a portion of the cost; saving you thousands in the years to come as well as lowering your plastic footprint! We don’t want to be naughty, do we?


Whole Of House Water Filter

Another great water filter solution is our starship product, the Elite Series-5 whole of house filtration system that allows you to appreciate clean water through every tap in your home! A system made to expand the life of your appliances and offers protection by eliminating chlorine from your showers, bath, and drinking water. Far more remarkable quality than competing brands.


10-Year Exclusive V.I.P Support Package & Free Installation

We are providing you total peace of mind with an exclusive 10-year V.I.P support package with all orders. A value of $500 for absolutely no charge! Say goodbye to uncertainty when your cartridges need replacing. Receive a courtesy call every year to service or ship out your quick change water filter cartridges. We guarantee that your water filter cartridges will certainly be updated to the finest micron, as well as the most effective cartridge that becomes available to us.

Spend a lot more time doing the important things you enjoy. No more waiting in line, enjoy the benefit of having your cartridges delivered free of cost, straight to your door.

For any type of inquiries or to book your Free Installation call us on 1300 137 011.

We are here to help you every step of the way.
Great Water Filters Carlisle.

Carlisle Western Australia
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