Bull Creek

Thanks for taking the time to find the Great Water Filters Bull Creek. Experience a  healthier way of life with your Great Water filter. Keep away from untreated tap water and taste the pleasure of drinking fresh, filtered water right from your great water filter tap!

Servicing Australia for 25 Years

Great water is a one-stop-shop with over 25 years of support for Australian families, and over 25,000 customers drinking fresh water every day! Sure, our outstanding technology, our customer support and even our loyal clients contributed to our success. So sit back and relax and let us do it for you and enjoy the wonderful tasting pure water! Customers are enthusiastic about our experience and the product we offer; we are undoubtedly the #1 best water filter device on the market in Australia! Using our easy-to-replace water filter cartridge design, we offer a wide range of water filter systems to reduce ongoing plumbing costs for maintaining your water filter system.

Alkaline & Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Our most popular system is our amazing Elite Series-3 reverse osmosis water filter system; it filters all bad soil, chemicals (including fluoride), bacteria, and many other contaminants that can harm your body while adding vital minerals with an alkaline water filter to balance water to pH9 to increase your daily production and stamina; it comes close to having a filtered water bottle machine under your sink at a portion of the cost; saving you thousands in the years to come and also decreasing your plastic footprint! We don’t want to be naughty, do we?

Whole Of House Water Filter

Another great water filter choice is our fantastic product, the elite series 5 house purification system that makes it easy for you to enjoy clean water from every tap in your home! If you had one, then you’d love it! A device that has been engineered to prolong the life of your home appliances and protect you by getting rid of chlorine from your showers, baths, and drinks.

10-Year Exclusive V.I.P Support Package & Free Installation

With an exclusive 10 year V.I.P service plan we give you full peace of mind for all orders. A $500 total value with absolutely no cost! Say goodbye to the frustration when to swap the cartridges. Get a courtesy call to service each year or deliver your water filter cartridges to easily change.We pledge that we will upgrade your water filter cartridges to the finest micron and also the most efficient cartridge we have available. Spend a lot of time enjoying the important things you want. No waiting queue, enjoy the benefit of free shipment of your cartridges, straight to your door.

For any inquiries or to book your Free Installation call us on  1300 137 011.


We are here to help you every step of the way.
Great Water Filters Bull Creek

Bull Creek
Bull Creek
Bull Creek Western Australia
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