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Great Water Filters Byford in Perth is very popular with people looking for specialist advice on Water Filters.

Let’s face it you can either buy an average water filter from a hardware or plumbing store with no advice or talk to the experts. Water Filters is not one size fits all. Everyone has a different reason for wanting a water filter.  Some people are looking for an under sink filter that takes out sediment, chemicals, and bacteria. On top of this, some people want to add an alkaline water filter to add back the good minerals. Some people want to go the extra step and take out fluoride with a technology called Reverse Osmosis.  Whereas, some are not only wanting a filter for drinking but also for filtering their home – protecting their number one asset and appliances and also makes for a fresher shower.

We speak to many people who are sick of lugging bottled water around the supermarket and they have no storage at home. Moreover, having a water filter saves people money. Filtering your own water costs .02c litre compared to .50c a litre with bottled water.

Protect the Environment 

70% of plastic bottled water ends up in landfill, litter, and the ocean.  With all the talk about the world becoming environmentally friendly – you would think in the future the manufacturing of plastic bottles will stop. Hence people will filter their own water and save the environment.

Great Water Filters Byford Perth is currently offering FREE INSTALLATION by our local plumber.

All products come with a VIP package with yearly reminders for cartridge replacements, free postage of replacement cartridges, and full Warranties and Guarantees.

For all enquiries call our product specialists on 1300 137 011.

Check out our quality products at our SHOP. 

We are here to help you every step of the way.

Byford, Perth
Byford WA
Phone: 1300 137 011
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