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Many people are turning to Great Water Filters Floreat Perth as we provide a One Stop Shop.

These are the Top Ten Reasons Why People Buy a Water Filter:

  1. Filtering your own water at .02c litre is more cost affective than paying .50c for bottled water.
  2. Saving the Environment from plastic bottles, 70% of these bottles end up in landfill, litter, and the ocean.
  3. People don’t want dirt, chemicals, and bacteria in their drinking water. Some people don’t even want fluoride in the water. It depends on what people want.
  4. Healthy habits. Adults and kids drink less sugary drinks and drink more pure water.
  5. Great for cooking. Makes your food taste better.
  6. Alkaline filtered water is better for you and helps get rid of toxins.Your water becomes pH7+.
  7. Filtering the Whole House is better on pipes and appliances.
  8. A Whole of house filtration system makes for a fresher shower. No more skin irritations.
  9. Great for the garden.
  10. Takes out the hardness from your bore water.

Elite Products:

Our most popular Water Filter is the Elite Series 3 Reverse Osmosis system. This is due to the removal of sediment, chemicals and bacteria. In addition, we add an Alkaline Filter which adds back the good minerals. Our Reverse Osmosis system is fine filtration and takes out fluoride.

The Whole of House Water Filter is also very popular to protect the home. If your water is hard ( and we can test for you) then you could also look at our Water Softener system.

Great Water Filters Floreat Perth is currently offering Free Installation by our licensed plumber.

We are not just about Elite products, we are very much about service. Ask about our VIP package to save you money and time.

For all enquiries call our product specialists on 1300 137 011.

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