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Great Water Filters Adelaide CBD


Welcome to Great Water Filters Adelaide, we specialise in affordable water filters that fit neatly under your kitchen sink and whole house water filters, coolers and filtration systems for the home and office; helping Adelaide families and businesses with their drinking water filter, purifier and water cooler needs.

We pride ourselves on being a "One Stop Water Filter Shop" in Adelaide and don't just advise and sell the best water filter for an individual or businesses need, but we fully install our Adelaide water filters, for free. Following installation, we then support our water filter customers by dealing with annual filter cartridge replacements and any routine maintenance requirements.

Over the last 30 years as leading Adelaide water filter suppliers, we've partnered with some of the best professional plumbers working across South Australia and Adelaide; our water filters, water purifier systems, water filter coolers and water chillers that are purchased online are shipped directly to these highly skilled plumbers in near you in Adelaide. Very early in the booking process, one of these pro-plumbers will be in touch with you to discuss the best time for your water filter system installation.


Which Water Filter Is Best For Me?


Installing Adelaide Water Filters For Over 30 Years

Over the last 30 years of selling water filters in Adelaide, our success is down to the exceptional engineering and reliability of our systems, alongside second-to-none customer service.

We regularly develop and improve our products which allows us to supply customers with the most modern, cutting edge filtering technology available for their tap water, Whole House and Reverse Osmosis filtration needs.

For instance, our under counter, kitchen sink and Whole House water filters and purifier systems, frequently installed across Adelaide and South Australia, all feature Sanitary Safe Smart Technology as well as a Quick and Simple Cartridge Change method.

This innovative technology allows people to do away with the on-going cost of hiring plumbers for their water filter repairs. Instead, our straight-forward yet high-quality, cutting-edge water filter products set Great Water Filter products apart as the best in the industry.


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RO / Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Adelaide

If you're unhappy with your Adelaide water supply then researching into the best benchtop or under-counter Reverse Osmosis water filters in Adelaide is the next sensible step. RO offers the most thorough tap water filter technology for your Adelaide home or office, and at an affordable price.

Our best selling, most popular home water filters and purifier machines for filtered drinking water in Adelaide has always been the Elite Series 3 machine - these are beautifully engineered Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems.

Adelaide sources most of its water from the River Murray, and one of the most common problems found in drinking water from this type of source is seasonal algae in the raw water storages.

water filters Adelaide - reverse osmosis

Install our innovative RO water filters and purifier systems to remove everything from your raw Adelaide water; filtering out the algae but also lot's of dirt, a whole host of pesticides and herbicides, chemicals such as fluoride as well as a plethora of nasty bacterias, it also filters out the hardness of your Adelaide drinking water by removing heavy metals.

This genuinely unique Reverse Osmosis water filter and purifier will fit neatly underneath your kitchen sink. They're undoubtedly the most effective under-counter water filter and don't just purify and clean your Adelaide drinking water; it'll make your freshly filtered water taste great too!

Reverse osmosis filtration is simply the best type of water filter purification available in the home today. RO water purifiers give your family access to pure drinking water - free from the bacterias, fluoride and pesticides mentioned earlier, but this intelligent filter also eliminates the consumption of microplastics and microfibres; present in all water sources.

Fully Installed For $995. Interest-Free Payments From $21 Per Week (Available At Checkout)

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Alkaline Water Filters Adelaide The best Alkaline water filters and purifiers to install at home

We professionally install a range of water filters, systems and machines, for free, across Adelaide and South Australia. Register your interest now, and we'll be back in touch to answer any questions you have plus run through the pricing and installation process with you.

Alkaline water has so many health benefits. A recent scientific study discovered that drinking alkaline water (water with a pH of at least 8.8) helps people to deactivate the primary enzyme that causes acid reflux, pepsin. There are many benefits to consuming alkaline water, but this a compelling enough reason for many of our alkaline water filter installations in Adelaide.

alkaline water filter

Many people want fluoride in their drinking water, yet some customers wish to extract fluoride from their water source completely. It really comes down to individual need - we install filters toward either preference.

Following the water filtration process, our compact, under-counter alkaline water filters and purifiers then add essential minerals back into your Adelaide drinking water, including alkaline, using a set of filter cartridges suiting our customer requirements; it's a flexible, super purification system that makes your drinking water rich in goodness and the perfect PH9 balance.

Fully Installed For $695. Interest-Free Payments From $15 Per Week (Available At Checkout)

Alkaline Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters Adelaide Our comprehensive water filtration system for the home

Installing Whole House water filters is an exceptionally popular choice for homeowners in Adelaide, and across South Australia in general. This entire-home water filter ensures purified water is supplied through every pipe and faucet in your house; this process doesn't just protect your family, it's a comprehensive water filtration and purification approach that will also extend the life of your appliances, including showers, baths and sinks.

Our whole house water filter installation will purify and improve Adelaide water at the point where it enters your home; these near perfect water filters significantly upgrade your raw tap water, efficiently purifying and cleaning at the source. Our Adelaide home water filter systems come in many different combinations, including ones with water softeners, ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers, even carbon filters.


whole house water filter

Many of our Adelaide customers source their house water from local water tanks - our Whole House water filtration systems are made for this. All Adelaide whole house free installs currently come with a free water softener (worth $500) to further improve the hardness of tank water by removing heavy metals.

Why are you letting raw tap water ruin your home? You can enjoy clean, pure filtered Adelaide tap water for less than you think, we even do interest-free payment plans for our Whole House water filtration system - home water filters installed for free across Adelaide, the CBD and South Australia.

Don't forget, all our whole house water filters installed in Adelaide include a comprehensive anti-scale system that not only prolongs the life of your appliances but offers protection by removing chemicals such as chlorine, as well as pesticides, dirt and heavy metals, from the water in your home.

Fully Installed For $1995. Interest-Free Payments From $41 Per Week (Available At Checkout)

Whole of House Water Filters

Professionally-Qualified Water Filter Installation & Exceptional Customer Service & Support

Across Adelaide & Australia

Our professional water filter installers are simply the best in Adelaide and are either full-time employees of Great Water or licensed and qualified water filter fitters and water chiller installers, specialising in similar work across Adelaide and South Australia.

Alongside our highly-skilled water filter and tank installers, rest assured that our filter customer service is pro-active and comprehensive; we take care of everything - from the professional installation of our specialist water filters and water tanks installation, to annual cartridge replacements, periodic servicing and technology updates. Whether you installed one of our basic countertop water purifiers or systems for the home, our under-sink alkaline or Reverse Osmosis systems or our Whole House - you'll receive to the same, unparalleled level of care and attention to detail.

Professional Water Filter Installation

At Great Water Filters Adelaide, we have a professional, competent and knowledgable support team who genuinely care about our customers' having access to the best Adelaide water filtration services available. Our team works hard to ensure you have total peace of mind in our product, the process and the aftercare.

So, regardless of whether you've opted for a benchtop or under sink water filter system in your Adelaide home, or have a commercial water filtration and water cooler dispenser, even a boiling, chilled and sparkling water machine, installed in business offices across the Adelaide CBD and wider area, we've got you covered.

Our Adelaide drinking water filters, under counter or under sink systems come with the option of a ten year VIP package; a support plan that includes yearly water filter cartridge replacement reminders, as well as the free postage of these cartridges, for ten years! That's a pretty huge saving.

Furthermore, our massive choice of replacement water filter cartridges ranges from filtering and converting raw water into purer, better-tasting drinking water for families, to more specialist treatments such as reverse osmosis and fluoride removal. Importantly, we have water filter cartridges to suit all water-related issues, as well as customer preferences and requirements.

For your convenience, all of our water filter cartridges can be easily purchased online via our website and then either installed by us across greater Adelaide and the CBD, or have your cartridges posted out at the click of a button!

We also supply and install spare water filter parts, including taps and tanks, on mosts manufacturers, this water filter repair service is available across Adelaide and South Australia.

Our Adelaide water filter services, water purifier and water cooler solutions always come with a no-quibble, two-year service guarantee that covers you for not only the repair and or replacement of any parts, but also all labour costs and call-out fees.

In addition to this, any water filter system that we install comes with a solid two-year warranty on parts such as water tanks and filter taps, plus a substantial ten-year warranty on housing!

Learn more about our water filter warranties and service guarantee.

For Adelaide water filter installations and inquiries, or if you would simply like us to service or install a an under bench, under counter or Whole of House water filter that you already have in your home, call our Adelaide water filter shop and talk to a purification treatment specialist near you on today!

1300 137 011

Looking for a reliable water filter company and services nearby? We're regularly servicing, supplying & installing water filters & purification systems in your area.

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We’ll then be in touch to answer your questions and help iou select the most suitable water filter for your needs,and if you're ready, we'll schedule your FREE water filter installation with one of our qualified, Adelaide installers

There’s the option to DIY install our purifiers, reverse osmosis systems and whole house water filteration machines too...

Best Selling Water Filters


What drinking water supply are people drinking in 


Town Water?

Without treatment, this municipal water supply contains chemicals that can have an adverse affect upon your health.

If your water comes from the popular town water dams, then we suggest our Alkaline Water Filter, or Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, or Whole House Water Filter.


Tank Water?

Another popular source of water in rainwater tanks, which allows the collection of natural rainfall. When consuming this type of water supply, you risk the contamination of bacteria and parasites which has not been filtered out.

If you have sourced your drinking water from water tanks, then our Alkaline Water Filter, or Whole House Water Filter will be most beneficial to you.


Bore Water?

Instead, some areas may choose to source their water through water bores. This underground water requires softening and purification before drinking.

If you drink underground bore water, then opt for our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter or Whole House Water Filter to ensure you are drinking clean, healthy water.

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Elite Series 2 


3 Stage

0.2 Micron

86% Removal Rate

Alkaline pH9

Returns Minerals

Easy Cartridge Change

Sanitary Safe

100% Guarantee & Product Warranty

Oxygenated Water


FREE Installation

$695 or $15 Per Week 0% APR

Elite Series 3 

Reverse Osmosis

4 Stage

0.0001 Micron

99% Removal Rate

Alkaline pH9

Returns Minerals

Easy Cartridge Change

Sanitary Safe

100% Guarantee & Product Warranty

Oxygenated Water

Fluoride Removal

FREE Installation

$995 or $21 Per Week 0% APR

Elite Series 5 

Whole House (+ Free Softener Worth $500)

3 Stage

5 Micron

77%  Removal Rate




Sanitary Safe

100% Guarantee & Product Warranty



FREE Installation

$1995 or $41 Per Week 0% APR

Enjoy Pure Water

Get Instant Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Systems Installed In 

Instant hot water dispenser. Hot water tap. Boiling water taps. Instant boiling water dispensers, taps, filters, systems or machines.

However you choose to describe them; instant hot water systems play a crucial role in both home improvements and office efficiency.
No more waiting for the kettle to boil with these safe and affordable, instantaneous hot water dispensers.

Looking to disinfect your drinking water and reduce your energy bills at home with an instant hot water kitchen tap? Or perhaps installing a boiling water tap unit in the office will help your staff productivity. We've got you covered with one of the best ranges of instantaneous hot water dispenser systems on the Australian market. Our prices are competitive too with interest-free payment options.

Looking for a chilled AND boiling water tap or system? We stock those too! We even install boiling, chilled and sparkling cold water filter taps and systems across Australia.


No more waiting for water to boil. Perfect for entertaining, baby formulas and sterilization of baby bottles.



Enjoy a Continous output of refreshing, purified cold water at the fraction of the cost of bottled water



Spend more time with family & guests and effortlessy prepare your favourite drink.

Instant Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling Range


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