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New Generation Technology

A Water Softener is designed to reduce hardness. Hardness being found in most water supplies affects you, your household and your wallet. Not to mentions what else seeps into your water supply. That is why Puretec has made 'Quad Action' standard on all Softrols now, because impurities do make their way into our ta water even though it looks pure. A simple test of your water will reveal the levels in your home.


Longer Life Filter Technology

The Elite series Softener comes up with a Polyethylene body which prevents cracking and brittleness of cabinet in years to come compare to Fibreglass.


Platinum Performance Product

This product is certified as Platinum performance product which gives consistent performance throughout the years. It helps saving Water, Energy and Money.


3 Year Platinum Protection

This Product comes up with a 3 year warranty. It is comes up with more softening resin which is a big value for money. It not only saves water, energy and money but also provides efficiency and reliability.


Quality Certified

Our products are Watermark certified and guaranteed to ensure they are fit for purpose and use in plumbing and drainage installations.


What does it Filter?

stage 1 - 5 micron - filtration process

5 Micron

Removes dirt, rust and mud

stage 2 - 1 micron - filtration process

1 Micron

Removes chlorine, pesticides and odour

stage 2 - 0.0001 micron - filtration process

0.5 Micron

Removes heavy metals, bacteria and odour

How does it Compare with other Filters?

What's in Your Tap Water?

What are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

Product Information


Dimensions - 33cm (D) x 116cm (H) x 370cm (W)

Flow - 30Lpm

Capacity - 12000L

Connection Size - 20mm

Drain - 15mm

Pressure - 138kPa (Min) & 825kPa (Max)

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