Elite Series 1 – 3 Stage – Quick Change Cartridge Pack



Product Code: RP-ES1-3S-PP-RP

How To Change ES1 3 Stage Cartridges?



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Under sink filter Cartridge is a 3 stage Elite Series 1 Cartridge Pack, where the filtration system is designed with a minimal space and intelligence to fix under sink, this filter helps to purify the water and deliver the safe and hygiene water. This Water Filter Cartridge pack contains three quick change cartridges for Elite Series 1 annual self service. Our basic starter water system – removes general contaminants in your drinking water like in stage 1 removes dirt, sand, rust, clay, stage 2 removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and stage 3 removes heavy metals like lead, mercury from the water and deliver the purest.

Made of high quality materials

  • Made from Durable 100% Polypropylene Fiber
  • Advanced Cartridge Technology made by a Leading Manufacturer

Water Filter Cartridge Specifications

  • Dimensions: 9 7/8 x 2 1 /2 inches
  • Filtration μm: 1
  • Capacity l / min: 2
  • Max. Working Temperature: 2-45C
  • Longevity months: 12
  • Pressure Drop: 0.2 – 0.4


Elite Series 1 (Filtered Under sink Water System), made with an intelligence and minimal space design suitable for all without occupying more space which is neatly settle up in under sink. It is the 3 stage filtration system, where it removes sediments, chemicals and bacteria in each stage respectively.

Choose your best water filtration system depending on best filtration level and suitable tap style and enjoy more benefits. Ring us on 1300 137 011 to avail limited offers like free installation. we process free in-home water evaluation by our qualified specialists which helps to determine how safe is your water providing the result with chlorine levels and acidic nature in the water. Based on test report, you will get to know your water density and also recommendations were provided for best suitable water filtration systems.

Upgrade to Alkaline pH9

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