Ultra Violet Globes (UV) – Whole Of House



Ultra Violet Globes (UV)  for whole house are water sterilizer or purifier chambers works along with UV Lamp and quartz sleeve, whole house ultra violet lamp and globes are quality products made by a leading manufacturer.  This lamp is innovative designed so that the lamp produces the most effective UV wave length to destroy micro-organisms before they cause ill health.  As a water purification method, ultraviolet light is most the advantageous way of treating your drinking water.  If you source your water from a dam, tank, bore or water way then it is recommended that you upgrade your water filtration system with a UV lamp.

  • Hard Quartz Material Lamp and Sleeve Keeps the UV Light at a High Output
  • LED Display to Indicate Failure
  • Stainless Steel Reactor Chamber to Reflect UV Light
  • Quality Electronic Ballast

Elite series 2 (Alkalized water filter), Elite Series 3 (Reverse osmosis or Fluoride removal water filter), Elite Series 5 ( whole house water filter )are the under sink and whole housing water filters used to filter and alkalized the raw tap water and returns back the water rich in minerals. Alkaline water filter has the specialty of returning essential minerals into water which were lost during the filtration process, where reverse osmosis water filter purifies the water removing sediments, chemicals, bacteria, metals and also famous for removal of 99.99% fluoride from the water and the whole house system purifies the water removing general and harmful contaminants in the water an deliver through all the taps

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Enjoy the healthy and pure drinking water for years.