Classic or Standard Tap



Standard faucet taps are just the normal taps that ca be used anywhere in the house to deliver the normal water, can be fixed near the faucet making the room for standard look. Level Handler is used to control pressure flow of water.

This one way designed faucet has a high long reach shape.  It has a ceramic valve, and is made of 100% chrome so it looks sharp and elegant on any kitchen counter. This product is one of a range produced by a leading manufacturer.  The quality and workmanship is guaranteed.

  • Professional Workmanship
  • Ceramic Valve Design
  • 100% Chrome

Elite Series 1 (Under sink water filter – Antibacterial), 2 (Alkaline Filter – alkaline, antioxidant) and 3(Reverse Osmosis Filters – fluoride removal, returns essential minerals, antioxidant) can access these taps. For all the under sink water filters or counter top water systems, there is an option available to connect the purified water delivering through existing taps or using separate taps on the kitchen faucet.

Free in-home evaluation is provided to test your water determining that how high are your chlorine levels and how acidic is your water, to request a quote submit your inquiry online or reach us on 1300 137 011. Based on the water test, recommendations were provided for the best suitable water filter for you.