Sprite Slimline Shower Filter


Sprite Slimline Shower Filter

Sprite Slimline Shower Filter is the intelligence / slimline design acquire minimal space and fits easily for shower fittings, this filter made by the sprite company. It is the best high output material made with brass chrome plate.

It’s function is to deliver the purest water by removing chlorine from the raw tap water. It has the shower filter cartridge to purify the water, has the durability of 12 months depends on usage and should be replaced later on.

  • Measurements: 6 mc (L) * 8 cm (D)
  • Easy to fix to the shower fittings and to operate
  • Easy to replace the cartridge
  • Low Maintenance
  • Removed chemicals, germs, bacteria and other organisms from water
  • Makes the hair soft, and good for skin allergies
  • Removes dandruff.
  • reduces respiratory problems like sinus
  • perfect for allergenic people

The Replacement Cartridge for the Slimline filter head is available as an quality product and manufactured from brand. This cartridge is the internal filtration system of the filter head where it reduces the chlorine like chemicals from the water which causes rashes, skin allergy problems, respiratory problems, harden the skin. All these problems caused by the untreated water were solved by using this shower filtration kit.

We are leading brand for water filtration systems, where free installation is provided when you purchase new water filter with us. Suggestions were given for purifiers performing free in-home evaluation of water test and analyzing how good is your water density.