Plastic Shower Filter


Shower Filter or head is designed for the purpose of filtering the water coming into showers by removing 84% chlorine and deliver the purest, this shower filter head is made of plastic available in white color and chrome meta as well.

This Shower Filter is the world’s first product with an internal filtration system.  This product fits behind your shower head.  The durable, high-strength construction of our shower filter provides maximum structural integrity.  The internal filter cartridge removes Chlorine.  It also helps reduce Lead, Iron Oxides, Hydrogen Sulfide and odors from the shower water.


  • Makes the skin soft, since the raw tap water is normally hard in nature which makes your skin dry and eczema, psoriasis like conditions
  • Soften your hair, since the hard water makes your hair really tough and bad
  • Reduces the chlorine in the water. Chlorine in showers is more worse than drinking water
  • helps to prevent cancer through the chemical contaminant water

The products with the similar kind of water filtration systems like slimline shower filter and baby universal shower hose filter are available with us. We have the replacement cartridges for all the shower and bath filters, where, the cartridge works as the internal filtration system where it purifies the untreated water by reducing the chlorine like chemicals and general contaminants of the water.