Reverse Osmosis Tank 75lt



Reverse Osmosis Water Tank is generally used with reverse osmosis unit and perfect for well water, measuring 75 liters of tank. This RO tank is the combination of pressurized liquid and storage tanks, where the water stored in the bladder known as butyl. When water is in demand the pressurized tank utilizes its pressure and push the water out through the outlet. It is the product tested and certified by NSF international approving the standard NSF / ANSI 58 for the material and structural integrity.


  • Reverse Osmosis Tank Capacity: 75 Liters or 20 Gallon
  • Height: 800 mm
  • Diameter: 390 mm
  • Connector: 3/4″ Male NPT

Key Features:

  • Suitable for water wells or well water
  • Tank lasts up to 10 to 15 years but depends on the usage, where remaining attached products should be replaced annually
  • Roughly it takes 2 to 4 hours to fill the whole rank measuring 10.6 liters
  • Consists of one connector, air charge valve
  • Storage and pressurized tanks
  • 100% food grade inner lining

Reverse Osmosis Water filters are the combination of alkaline filtering and reverse osmosis. Fluoride is removed, purified and returns the water rich in minerals. Our company provides free installation with the new purchase of waters filters. It is a three stage filter requires minimal space produce water mineralize and pH alkalized. Fits in every house with its intelligence design. No more days to carry heavy bottles, enjoy healthy and pure water. Reverse osmosis filter have the filtration stages from 4 to 7 stages, where it normally 4 stages and for advanced benefits and fine filtration, it can be extended up to 7 stages adding inline alkaline, inline carbon and infrared cartridges into it.

To know your water density that how high are chlorine level and  pH acidic nature in water, reach us by submitting your inquiry online or dial us on 1300 137 011. Our specialists give you the accurate result by processing free home water test which determine the best suitable water filter system for your family and home.