Reverse Osmosis Tank 12lt



Reverse Osmosis water filters Tank measuring 12 liters having the 1/4 inch connector to deliver the water through the filters connection tap after processing the stages to purify and returns the healthy water rich in minerals and pH alkalized using the reverse osmosis technique. This tank contains both pressurized and storage tanks to deliver the function.

  • Tank Capacity: 12 Liter or 3.2 Gal
  • Height: 364 mm
  • Diameter: 240 mm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Connector: 1/4″

Elite Series 3 (Reverse Osmosis Water Filter)is designed to purify and return the water rich in minerals, it progress with the same process used in the bottled water. Our company provides 100% risk free guarantee with every purchase of the product. It is the world’s most famous water filtration system where it’s specialty is the removal of 99.99% fluoride from the water and filtration process includes the removal of sediments like dirt, rust, sand particles, clay or mud, bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, chloramine, lead, mercury etc from the water and process the pure and safe water from the filter to taps.

The filtration level is chosen as required depending up on the water density of your untreated water ranges from 4 stage to 7 stage reverse osmosis water filter. To know your water density, catch us on 1300 137 001 or submit your inquiry online and process our free home water test and  choose your best water filter.