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The Billi B-5000 with XL Levered Dispenser is a Boiling & Chilled filtered underbench drinking water unit, including temperature dispenser with integrated safety switch.

      • Supplier: Billi Pty Ltd 1800 812 321
      • Model: Billi B-5000 with XL Levered Dispenser
      • Dispenser Design: XL Levered
      • Finish: Chrome
      • Capacity: Up to 10 persons
      • Underbench Size: 340mm h x 180mm w x 500mm d
      • Power supply: 10 amp
      • Product Code: 915000LCH

Font Information

  • Model:
    120mm Riser & Font
  • Finish:
  • Product Code:

Tubing Information

  • Model:
    For Dual Dispenser - 2mtrs
  • Product Code: N/A

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CO2 Cylinder - 2.3kg (300L of Drink, depending on Carbonation)

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