Euro Tap – High Loop Kitchen Tap



Euro Kitchen Tap is the High loop tap that runs water from the single high loop, this euro designed to fix on kitchen faucets, sinks, basin all over the house.

This one way designer faucet has a goose-head shape.  It is made of 100% Chrome so it will look sharp and elegant on any kitchen counter.  This product is just one of a range produced by a leading manufacturer.  The quality and workmanship is guaranteed.

  • Chrome Plated material
  • Can place on kitchen faucets, sink, basin
  • Professional Workmanship
  • 100% Chrome
  • Elegant Design

Euro 2 way tap is available to run the hot and cold water from the high loop tap. Fluoride removal, chlorine-free, Anti bacterial, dirt free water filters along with free installation and consultation is provided by our fully qualified experts from our Great Water Filters, reach us and avail your best limited offers.

Free in-home water consultation with our qualified experts, submit your inquiry online through our contact page or we are also available on 1300 137 011. Our water test shows you how high the chlorine levels and pH acidic nature in the water. Grab the opportunity to get tested and analyze how safe is your water.

Download our Chrome Designer Faucet Brochure here: Chrome Designer Faucet Brochure