Elite Series 2 – Alkaline Water Filter (Wellness + Puts Back Essential Minerals)

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elite series 2The purpose of a water filter is to remove unwanted impurities. Our alkaline range of filters return these lost minerals so you can enjoy great tasting water again.

Alkaline Water Filter With 100% FREE INSTALL

Drink through Alkaline Water Filter and feel the difference, Alkaline Water helps the body remove acids and toxins.

Elite Series 2 – Alkaline Water System increases the pH Alkalinity of water to help the body remove acids and toxins, and returns healthy minerals and oxygenates your drinking water.
A high percentage of dirt, germs and chemical contaminants are removed.  Silver impregnated carbon media prevents bacterial growth to help maintain a healthy internal environment within the cartridge housing.

Undersink Alkaline Water Filter

The stylish, easy-to-install and to maintain design uses minimal space and fits elegantly in any kitchen environment.


Pure water available on tap 24 hours a day

Quick Change

Like changing a light bulb.

Replacement Cartridges (For Alkaline Water Filtration System)

We recommended cartridges be replaced annually to prolong the life of your water system for optimum performance and efficient filtration

Find replacement cartridges for this unit here:

Elite Series 2 Cartridges

Brochure Download

Elite Series 2 Brochure

Enjoy drinking unlimited filtered water…

Have pure water available on tap 24 hours a day with a Great Water filter system.

  • Promotes healthier habits and better productivity
  • Save money as there is no need to purchase water
  • Eliminates chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and odour so that water tastes better and is healthier.
  • Workers and Customers appreciate pure and fresh water

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