Counter Top Diverter Valve 1/4 inch



Counter Top Diverter Valve 1/4 – This material is a high quality chrome plated diverter valve, suitable for most of the kitchen faucets or on counter top measuring of 1/4 inch tubing to divert the water to the Counter Top Filtration Systems by operating the handle. This diverter valve is the working connection part of the Counter Top Filtration System.


  • 1/4 inch valve
  • fits 1/4 inch tubing for water filters
  • Suitable for all counter top filters
  • Shut OFF or ON function

Counter Top Filtration System has the advantage of easy installation with making no changes to your kitchen just by fixing the Counter top Diverter valve to the faucet. It needs minimal space to settle up to run the water. This filtration system consists of one internal ceramic cartridge for filtration purpose, this cartridge should be replaced annually for long lasting filtering. Mostly suitable for renters and for people who are conscious of kitchen space. Comfort to carry for long Vacation with you to drink Pure and Safe filtered Water.

We process free in-home water test by our qualified specialists to determine how safe is your water. The accurate test report gives you the analysis of chlorine levels and the acidic nature (pH levels) in the water. Request a quote through or reach us by 1300 137 001 or visit our store near by.