Chrome Shower Filter – Chlorine removal



Chrome shower filter head is an internal filtration system made of chrome plated material, this filter head easily fixes to shower fittings. It helps in removal of chlorine, chloramine, bacteria, pesticides, odor, lead, mercury like heavy metals and general contaminants in the water.

This Shower Filter is the world’s first internal filtration system.

  • Has more durability, comes as an 12 month filter
  • Removes Chlorine using internal filter
  • High strength-able construction yield maximum structural integrity
  • Reduce Chemicals, odor, bacteria from the showers

The filter Cartridge should be replaced every 12 months from the date of installation.

This chlorine reducing shower filter replacement cartridge, filters the untreated water and deliver the purest even in the showers, these filtered water has the maximum flow rate efficiency and process up to 3 liters per minute. The cartridge should get serviced annually for the fine filtration. It is capable of removing all the general and harmful contaminants from the untreated water.

It is also available in plastic material (Plastic Shower Filter), functioning same but differs in material and pricing. For more product information and best pricing offers, check with us and enjoy every drop of pure water even in your showers. Be safe and drink Safe.