Universal Shower Hose Filter – Portable


Baby Shower Filter

Universal Shower Hose filter for bath or shower fittings are the simple and easy attachments for the handle to filter the water, the hose has the pivot ball to turn as required. It’s a hand – held portable device consists of one single cartridge inside for the filtration process, where it removes chlorine-like chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, odor, lead like heavy metals and other general contaminants like dirt, rust, clay or mud, sand particles from the water.

  • It is portable
  • Helps to remove chemicals, dirt and germs from water
  • Good for skin allergies
  • Removes dandruff
  • Suitable for dry, sensitive skin also
  • It turns the hair to be soft
  • Available in Gold and chrome metallic finishing
  • Suitable for all shower handles
  • It is reversible filter cartridge i.e,. Handheld Cartridge
  • Durability: 12 months

Replacement Cartridges for all showers and bath are available with us. Shower-hose Filter replacement Cartridge is the cartridge induced in to the filter, where the portable hand – held filter cartridge works to remove the chlorine present in the water and deliver the treated water out. It also removes general contaminants like algae particles, sand, dirt, rust, bacteria, lead from the water. These showers and bath filters has the capacity of maximum flow rate, where it delivers 3 liters of water in one minute. All types of qualified and Quality replacements available with us. For the products and best prices, check with us.

Note: We recommend to replace the cartridges annually for fine filtration.

We ensure to deliver genuine products for our customer’s benefits. Get in touch on 1300 137 011 or give us a quote for your inquiry and get the free home evaluation for your chlorine levels and pH determination in the water and find out how safe is your water and what is the best remedy to save your life.!!