Elite Series 2 – 4 Stage – Alkaline Cartridge Pack



How To Change ES2 4 Stage Cartridges?


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Alkaline 4-stage Filter Cartridge pack performs the action by removing dust and sand particles, chemicals like chlorine, heavy metal, bacteria and odor and super alkaline to add minerals to the filtered water in 4-stage respectively, this cartridge packs are also available in 3-stage and 4- stage with inline pH packs as per required filtered level in ELITE SERIES 2 (Alkaline Water Filter).

This cartridge pack contains 4 x quick change cartridges for:

Elite Series 2 (Wellness Water + Minerals) System

We recommended cartridges be replaced annually to prolong the life of your water system for optimum performance and efficient filtration


Cartridge #1 – ‘Super Sediment‘ – 5 micron – removes general contaminants in the water like dirt, mud, sand particles, rust etc
Cartridge #2 – ‘Super Chemical’ – 1 micron – removes chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, odor
Cartridge #3 – ‘Super Metal + Bacteria‘ – 0.2 micron – removes heavy metals like lead, bacteria and odor
Cartridge #4 – ‘Super Alkaline‘ – re-mineralizer – returns back minerals to the water like calcium, magnesium, potassium which are essential for your body.

See our Learning Center for instructions on how to change your cartridges

These cartridge packs are available in 3-stage, 4-stage and 4-stage with inline pH, can be selected depending on required filtration level and type of cartridge.