Elite Series 2 – 3 Stage – Alkaline Cartridge Pack


es2 3 stage

Product Code: RP-ES2-3S-PP-RP

How To Change ES2 3 Stage Cartridges?


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Alkaline 3-stage Filter cartridge pack, comes with Super sediment, Carbon Block filter and super alkaline where it removes dust and sand particles, removes odor and bacteria and adds minerals to the water in this 3-stage cartridge pack respectively. This cartridge pack is the Alkaline Water filter system (Filtered + Alkaline pH 9+)

This pack contains three quick change cartridges for Elite Series 2 annual self service.
Quick Change Cartridge #1 – Super Sediment – 5 micron – removes general contaminants in water like dust, dirt, rust, mud, sand particles
Quick Change Cartridge #2 – super metal and bacteria – 0.2 micron – removes heavy metal and bacteria from the water
Quick Change Cartridge Alkaline pH 9 – super alkaline – returns minerals into water which were lost during the filtration process


  • Maximum Flow: 0.75 GPM
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Maximum Temperature: 40 C
  • Measurement: 2.5″ diameter * 10′ length
  • Service Life: 12 Months

In this Alkaline Water Filter System, there is also available in two types of 4 stage water filter system, with or without inline pH. It is the water filtration system, where it helps to remove the general contaminants, chemicals like chlorine, metals like lead, bacteria, pesticides, odor from the water and specialty of this system to add minerals to the water back again which were lost during the filtration process.

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