Family & Friend Referrals

Friend & Family Referrals

 Already a customer and keen to spread the word? Join many others like you and earn a generous commission every time you refer us and it results in the sale of a water filter. Promote established, cutting edge and in-demand systems with our uncapped, scalable referral system. You’ll have access to a unique partner dashboard to track your customer sales and commissions. You’ll also be given all the necesary marketing materials needed to successfully promote our systems.


 We have many successful affiliate partners promoting our in-demand products across multiple sectors, from health and wellbeing to property development.  Our products and payment systems can be seamlessly integrated into your site – helping you to start selling immediately but avoiding the risks associated with ownership of stock. Our affiliate commission structure is both generous and scalable – meaning you too can have your own, paying affiliates. All of our partners have access to a unique  dashboard to track customer engagement and sales, as well as commission. 

Plumbing Partners

Plumbing Partnerships

 We commonly partner with small to medium-sized business looking to develop their own range of services and increase profits, without the risks associated with owning stock.  We work with larger plumbing distributors too, and have a sliding-scale wholesale pricing model to allow partners to buy in greater volumes, increase margins and develop departments and services. Whether you want to sell systems seamlessly on your website, build your own water filtration team or supply systems to business, we’ve got you covered.


Distribution Franchise

 With a Great Water Filters franchise, you’ll be perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growth of a thriving industry; buying the rights to promote and distribute our flagship models. Benefit from our generous, sliding scale pricing model; greater discounts for larger volume orders Our franchise programmes include an instant inventory of in-demand, cutting-edge products, support and infrastructure, including a comprehensive marketing plan, Salesforce license, payment platform and exhibition strategy. 

What water filtration systems are on offer?

Our most popular systems include a comprehensive Whole of House (point-of-entry) machine, plus compact under sink Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline units


Whole of House - RRP $1995

whole of house

An point-of-entry machine filtering and softening all water coming into a property, we’re currently including a water softener upgrade, worth $500, with all units sold.


The Elite Series 5 uses innovative, anti-scaling technology to remove sediment and mineral deposits in appliances such as kettles and dishwashers; increasing the life and effectiveness of appliances.


It also protects families from the harsh effects of chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals found in standard tap water; contaminants known to cause a number of health issues.

Elite Series 5 - More Info

Reverse Osmosis - RRP $995

reverse osmosis

The Elite Series 3 under sink RO filter removes 99.9% of dissolved solids, making water significantly healthier to drink.


The reverse osmosis process drastically reduces foul odours often experienced  when drinking water straight from the tap – a result of unhealthy chemical reactions, excessive mineral and even decaying organic matter.


The semipermeable membrane of these filters features tiny ‘pores’, stopping contaminants and only letting pure water through. The final result? More concentrated, purer, refined drinking water.

Elite Series 3 - More Info

Alkaline & Minerals - RRP $695

alkaline & minerals

Our under sink Elite Series 2 removes 5 times more contaminants than a basic water filter. It also puts essential minerals back into the system to create a perfect balance pH9 level of alkaline.


Alkaline water has many health benefits, our filter gives customers access to healthy, purified water across homes for less than $4 per week.


It’s a popular system for customers who need personalised filtration. For instance, we have customers who want to remove fluoride and others, who wish to retain it. Our cartridges cover every need. 

Elite Series 2 - More Info

What are the benefits of selling Great Water Filter products?

We’ve been perfecting our systems and services for the best part of 30 years, with over 25,000 active customers across Australia and New Zealand

High Profit Margins


Our products are 100% guaranteed to increase your profit margins.


Our systems represent exceptional value to consumers with significant savings compared to bottled water.

cuutting edge products



Our range of water filters will give you access to the very latest, cutting-edge technology.


You won’t only be selling a water filter, you’ll be promoting a solution for a healthier lifestyle.



Help the environment by promoting the avoidance of buying single-use plastic water bottles.


Develop a more positive image as a distributer of sustainable products to homes and businesses across the region.


Thriving Industry


The Water Treatment industry will be worth just shy of $7 billion in the next five years. Healthy drinking water is a prominent issue in Australia.


There’s high consumer demand for capable yet affordable water filters for the home.

All cartridges are made from high quality, natural materials, and are clinically tested.

Under sink filters include a stylish European style tap, made lead-free to provide safe, pure drinking water.

All systems come with a comprehensive warranty and we’re currently including our 10 Year VIP Save & Support Plan with all units.

Any partner selling our systems at RRP will be able to rely on our full installation service – available across Australia and New Zealand.

These are just a few of the highly effective incentives for consumers looking to invest in these water filtration systems.



Fully Installed

Systems sold outside of wholesale agreements can be installed by our professionally-qualified technicians, across Australia and New Zealand.


Guarantees & Warranties

Our 1 year 100% guarantee includes the repair or replacement of any part – free from costs. Giving your referrals, customers or agents, complete peace of mind.

Savings & Support

10 year water filter savings and support

We’re upgrading all units sold to our premuim VIP Support Plan – meaning you can pass $750 worth of savings to your customers.



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