Latest Technology in the Water Filtration

Great Water Filters’ Elite Series range have smart design features making them the best water filter systems on the market.   The range of Elite Series water filtration units have at least 3 filter cartridges.  This filtration power will guarantee that your drinking water ultra safe and fresh. The smart design features include the following:

Slimline Design

The water filter cartridges are slim so that they use minimal space.  Your water filtration system will fit comfortably in the cupboard with out taking up too much space.

Sanitary Safe Design

This is the most hygienic and mess free solution on the market.

  • You will no longer need to put your hand in the cartridge housing to remove the used filter.
  • You will no longer have to clean the inside the cartridge housing.

Quick Change Design

Cartridge replacements are fast, clean and easy.  Just remove the old cartridge and and install the new filter, like changing a light bulb.

  • You will no longer have to reach in a tight space with a wrench to remove the used filter cartridge.

The smart design features are the latest technology.  Great Water Filters want our cus

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