How Alkaline Water stops acid build-up in the body

Ph Of Common Substances

he Great Water Filter’s alkaline cartridge has two features that will make your body feel great.

First, the Alkaline cartridge changes the pH level of the water turning the water from acid to alkaline.

Second, the Alkaline cartridge adds good minerals to the water.

These features will decrease the amount of acid in the body and that will make your body work better helping you to be fit and healthy.

What is pH? pH is measured according to whether the water is acidic or alkaline. Acidic water has a pH level below 7. Water is alkaline if it has a pH level above 7.

The Alkaline cartridge filters water to a neutral + level. The benefit of drinking alkaline water is that it helps the body maintain its pH balance.


Our body can go out of balance because we consume food and water that has a high acid content.  You can see a list of high acid food below:

  • Soft Drinks        1.0
  • Sugar                 1.0
  • Coffee                1.5
  • White Rice        1.5
  • Potato Chips     3.0
  • Fish                     3.0
  • Chicken              3.0
  • Pineapple          6.5
  • Vegetables        5.0-6.0

Most of the foods that we consume have a pH level under 7.  -This causes the body to accumulate too much acid so that we are more likely to get sick.  But by drinking alkaline water instead of soft drinks your body regain its pH balance.  Alkaline Water has a complex effect on the body.  Alkaline water not only reduces the amount of acids we put in our body but its chemical structure helps the body to stop producing other types of acids such as the type of acids that accumulate when we work or play sports.

When your cells metabolise to produce energy, or they perform their functions to grow or maintain the body, the by-products of these cellular activities is acid.  The rate and the amount of acid produced depends upon a number of factors, such as how active you are, or whether you are a healthy person, and what types of foods and drinks you consume.  It is always good to get rid of excess acids and drinking Alkaline water filtered by a Great Water Filter Elite Series 2 will give you the water that your body needs.

The Alkaline filter will provide you with the alkaline water and this will help your body hydrate.  Alkaline water will better help to carry minerals and nutrients to your cells. Minerals increase the rate of water movement between the cell’s membranes, and will allow the cells to operate under the perfect pH conditions.  The cellular activity is more efficient and produces less acids.  This is why adding healthy minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium is good for your health. Healthy minerals helps hydration and recovery, and assists the body to eliminate acids.  The movement of water and transportation of acids become more rapid, and they are quickly eliminated out of the body.  This is good for your health because a build up of acids can cause illness and sickness from diseases.

If there is to much acids in the body then some scientists believe that this creates the conditions for the growth and development of certain bacteria, yeast and other microforms that can live in our bodies.  Although this view is controversial, many scientists believe that too much acid in our bodies is the cause of low energy, weight gain, cancers and other deadly diseases.  (If you want to read more about this theory please google Dr. Young and acid.)   An Alkaline water filter helps to balance the body’s pH levels and helps to reduce that amount of acids produced by the body.

The best advice for finding the right pH balance for you body is to keep hydrated with the water that has an alkaline pH value, and to drink the required amount of this type of water.   Alkaline water helps to neutralise stored acids and toxins.  Drinking water will allow the body to reduce toxins.  You will feel healthier, avoid serious diseases and slow the ageing process.  That’s a good reason to switch over to alkaline water and purchase the Elite Series 2.

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