Fluoride and Baby Formula

Mothers should be aware of the dangers of using unfiltered water when making baby formula.

Fluoride is found naturally in mother’s milk.  The natural level of fluoride is 0.004 parts per million.  Fluoride comes from a naturally occurring mineral and this is why it is found naturally in mother’s milk.  We consume small amounts of the fluoride mineral in our foods and water.  Unfortunately, the Water Authorities adds fluoride to our town water supply.

The Water Authorities add a quantity of fluoride so that the it can form a harden structure on your teeth so to reduce tooth decay.  The Water Authorities put in 1 part per million of fluoride.  It is this level of fluoride that is dangerous to growing babies.

When a baby drinks bottled milk using tap water then the baby consumes 250 times more than they would with breast milk.  Many scientists and health professionals are shock that we give such levels of fluoride to small growing babies when the health risks of fluoride is well documented.

To understand how fluoride could be dangerous to babies then we should look at a recent American study into the rates of Dental Fluorosis in children between the ages of 12-15.  Dental fluorosis is white or brown strains on our teeth.  This is caused by excessive amounts of fluoride.  Originally Water Authorities were advised that only 10% of the population will have dental fluorosis.  However, the study found that over 41% of the population had these strains on their teeth.  What concerned the researchers was not so much that a lot of children had strains on their teeth but the fact that people’s bodies are more sensitive to fluoride than they first realised.

Babies that drink unfiltered water with a high percentage of fluoride could then be vulnerable to the other problems associated with excessive fluoride.  For example excessive fluoride causes problem called Skeletal Fluorosis. This means that the excess fluoride will find its way into the bone structure and make them bittle.

Great Water Filters recommend that you purchase the Elite Series 3 Reverse Osmosis System.   This water filtration system will remove 99% of fluoride from your tap water.

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