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Best Water Filter for Severe Water Contamination

Environment factors or human error can cause your water supply to carry a higher than usual amount of contaminants.  A 3 cartridge system will give you this protection.  The Elite Series 1 water filter remove over 96% of most dirt, chemical and germ contaminants. Great Water promotes the Elite Series 1 Undersink water filter system.

People who want a System that is Easy to Maintain

Great Water Filters promotes the Elite Series water filter systems with smart design features. One of these features is the sanitary safe feature. This means that replacing the filter cartridges is mess free. You simply replace the whole filter cartridge, and you will never have to be in contact with the contaminants that have been […]

People who want a System that is Hidden away Under the Sink

Great Water Filters markets the Elite Series 3.  It has smart design features.  One of those features is the slimline design.  With this feature, the water filter system is slim and fits comfortably in the kitchen cupboard under the sink.  You will keep the available cupboard space but you will also have a powerful water […]

People who want Totally Dissolved Solids Removed from their Drinking Water

Certain contaminants are more difficult to remove than others.  Heavy metals are one example. They dissolve into water’s molecular structure. Heavy metals such as lead, iron and mercury, to name a few, can only be removed 99% by a reverse osmosis system.  Heavy metals cause a number of health problems. Great Water Filters promotes the Elite […]

Latest Technology in the Water Filtration

Great Water Filters’ Elite Series range have smart design features making them the best water filter systems on the market.   The range of Elite Series water filtration units have at least 3 filter cartridges.  This filtration power will guarantee that your drinking water ultra safe and fresh. The smart design features include the following: Slimline […]