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People who want Totally Dissolved Solids Removed from their Drinking Water

Certain contaminants are more difficult to remove than others.  Heavy metals are one example. They dissolve into water’s molecular structure. Heavy metals such as lead, iron and mercury, to name a few, can only be removed 99% by a reverse osmosis system.  Heavy metals cause a number of health problems. Great Water Filters promotes the Elite […]

Latest Technology in the Water Filtration

Great Water Filters’ Elite Series range have smart design features making them the best water filter systems on the market.   The range of Elite Series water filtration units have at least 3 filter cartridges.  This filtration power will guarantee that your drinking water ultra safe and fresh. The smart design features include the following: Slimline […]

How Alkaline Water stops acid build-up in the body

Ph Of Common Substances

he Great Water Filter’s alkaline cartridge has two features that will make your body feel great. First, the Alkaline cartridge changes the pH level of the water turning the water from acid to alkaline. Second, the Alkaline cartridge adds good minerals to the water. These features will decrease the amount of acid in the body […]

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