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Can you help fight cancer and diseases with Alkaline Water?

Some scientists believe that an over concentration of acids in the body creates the conditions for the growth and development of certain bacteria, yeast and other microforms, and these are the cause of many illnesses, low energy, weight gain and even cancer.  An Alkaline water filter helps to balance the body’s pH levels and helps […]

People who want 100% Protection against Water Contamination

We can not always control what happens out side our homes or properties.  A reverse osmosis system will 100% protect your families against severe contamination of the water supply that is caused by environmental factors or human error.  If a chemical spill or an increase in water borne diseases occur in you water supply then […]

People who want Guaranteed Fluoride Removal

The Reverse Osmosis system has a semi-permeable membrane that removes 99% Fluoride.  Many health professionals and action groups are concerned about adding fluoride to the water supply.   Fluoride (link to /fluoride) is a toxic chemical that causes a number of health problems such as Dental Fluorosis and Skeletal Fluorosis.  Only a reverse osmosis system […]

People who want Guaranteed Parasite and Bacteria Removal

The UV light filter is an advancement in water treatment technology. Microorganisms can cause illness or even death. Using UV light method is a guaranteed method because the microorganism can not survive the frequency of the UV light generated by the lamp. It kills bacterias, viruses and micro-organisms so that they can’t grow or reproduce. […]

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