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Industry-experts for over 30 years and with thousands of satisfied customers, we’re specialists in the supply and installation of some of the best water filters in Australia.

Whether you need a comprehensive Reverse Osmosis system, a Whole of House, an under sink Alkaline machine or just a basic water purifier – we’ve got you covered.

All of our water filtration systems come with 100% free installation and if you purchase a Whole House, Reverse Osmosis or Alkaline system, you’re eligible for our 10 Year VIP Super Saver & Support Package (worth $750).

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Tap water commonly contains contaminants such as chlorine, asbestos, cadmium, copper, fluoride and depending on your local water source, a whole host of other nasties. The result? Unhealthy, poor-tasting tap water.

Our basic water purification systems are surprisingly affordable, starting at just $375 fully installed. 

Clean and purify your drinking water with one of our best selling water filters and purifiers.

Take a look through our best water filters below and if you need further guidance, use our water filter comparison section to help choose the ideal water filtration system for your needs!

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Our Most Popular, Best Selling Water Filter

Elite Series 3 – Highly Purified Reverse Osmosis

Our Reverse Osmosis water filter is designed to remove almost all contaminants including dissolved solids, salts, nitrates, fluoride, calcium, magnesium, metals, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and algae.

With all Elite Series 3 purchases, we install a re-mineraliser to add Alkaline back into the system – making the water an ideal pH7+.

Quite Simply, One of The Best Water Filters For Comprehensively Removing Contaminants (Huge 99.9% Removal Rate)

• Puts Healthy Minerals Back In!

• Creates Perfectly Balanced pH9

• Guaranteed Fluoride Removal

• Simple Quick Change Cartridges

• Smart Pressure Gauge

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Chilled, Boiling & Sparkling Range

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