10 Year
Yearly Reminders

No more guess work on when your cartridges need a to be replaced. Get a courtesy reminder call every 12 months to fully service or post out your quick change water filter cartridges.

$25 Value

We Remind You


10 Year
technology updates

We guarantee that your water filter cartridges will be updated to the finest micron and best cartridge media that becomes available to us.

$250 Value

Average Value of 5 x Latest Media Cartridge Upgrades Every Second Year


10 Year
free postage

Spend more time doing the things you love. No waiting in line, enjoy the convenience of having your cartridges delivered FREE, straight to your door

$250 Value

Average Value of 10 x $25 Yearly, Fully Tracked & Guaranteed to Your Door


1 – Yearly Reminders ($25 Value)

2 – technology updates ($250 Value)

3 – Free Postage ($250 Value)

TOTAL VALUE of $1000